The Leaderboard is accessed with the Tab key. The Leaderboard gives you an overview of everyone in the server, with various statistics. Along the top, there are two other tabs besides Scoreboard. Vote Map, which you can use to choose the next game, and Shop, which you can use to get a small edge during the round. You can sort the Leaderboard by name, Cash and Fame by clicking on the respective labels.







  • See the players within the server, including Rank, Cash, and Fame.
    • If a player has a Prestige Rank, you will see this instead of their normal rank.
  • See how many kills somebody has gotten on PvP gamemodes such as Gun Game or Melee Smash.
  • See if a player is a Moderator, Developer, VIP Server owner or Administrator.
    • You cannot see the player in question if they are hidden.
    • You can also be banned for exposing a hidden mod while they are hidden and trying to work on an accepted Modcall.
  • See how many Tickets you have.
  • See what the Round Reward is.
  • See what Party a player is in by hovering over their Rank icon.
  • See a player's current status.
    • They are a survivor if they have a white name.
    • They are a zombie if they have a green name.
    • They are a spectator if they have an orange name.
    • They are in the menu if they have "(Menu)" after their name.
    • They are on the Red team (for TDM) if they have a red name.
    • They are on the Blue team (for TDM) if they have a blue name.
  • Mute other players.
    • This can be done by right clicking on a player's username, then clicking the mute button to the left of it.
  • Vote Kick other players, in certain servers (VIP Servers).
    • This can be done by right clicking on a player's username, then clicking the "Kick" button to the right of it.

Vote Map

  • Vote from a selection of Maps, their skyboxes (when applicable) and their respective Gamemodes.
    • You cannot start a vote if someone else already started a vote.
    • Depending on the server you're in, you cannot vote for certain maps and modes.
    • You cannot start a vote if the combination that you selected has already failed.
    • Exclusive maps cannot be voted if the current map is one.
  • After starting a vote, players can vote either yes or no.
    • A yes vote counts as 1, and a no vote counts as 1.5.
    • For any vote to succeed, the former must overtake the latter.
    • If the next map is a boss map, the vote will automatically be overridden.



  • Prior to v1.1.5, your name will be always at the top of the Leaderboard.
  • Originally, you didn't need to navigate to the In-Game Shop from the Leaderboard as all the things you could buy was in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • The Leaderboard used to allow you to see how good players' pings were back in DEMO. Later, this was removed.
  • Whenever you mute someone, their chat bubble will still be visible. Besides that, their name won't show up on the Chat GUI, the main purpose of the Mute function.
  • Cash is shown as Gold on the Leaderboard.
    • It used to be shown as Coins.
  • As of v1.0.1, there is now a scrollbar to the Leaderboard.
    • Prior to v1.0.1, it was common for the Leaderboard to go beyond the dimensions of a player's screen.
  • The GUI headers (Scoreboard, Vote Map and Shop) used to be green until v1.0.1.

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