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Lavafall Peak

"A cliff, covered in lava, in the middle of nowhere. That makes sense."


Lavafall Peak is the boss area for the Bull King in the R2DA Halloween Event 2020. The map is in an unknown location on a cliff, which used to be a volcano. This used to be the arena of survivors versus pumpkins, now the real owner is back. No one knows for sure how they got here, but another endangered creature to kill makes up for the time being. Maybe the Bull King will finally get the challengers he wanted before. But being weaker and tired of fighting, this should be a piece of cake.

Background Story

Lavafall Peak is the original home of the Bull King. When the Bull King found a pumpkin taking the ancient volcano's power he was furious. Fighting the pumpkin for his home, the battle destroyed the volcano, turning it into a cliff filled with lava. The Bull King had put the pumpkin on retreat and gave up on finding anymore challengers. A few years later, survivors in search for the pumpkin came over to the peak. The arena looked similar, but more torn apart than before. And instead of a giant pumpkin they found a giant, unfriendly goat, with a giant electric spear.


A small map with lava covering about half the surface of the arena. Random rocks poking out of the lava, pillars standing up or collapsed. Few wooden towers and flat platforms, fences splitting the arena. Bottom of the map is covered in a lava floor, while you are in the middle of a volcano.


  • Bring high-ammo count weapons, such as the Minigun, M249, SCAR-H, or Famas.
  • Bring a Jetpack or a high jump mount.
  • Use the grill/acorn/patriots flag to heal everyone if they are low.
  • Stay away from the lava and the Tampora spawnzones.
  • Use the wooden buildings to your advantage.
    • Wooden Buildings can be destroyed by explosive weapons and items.
  • Chest locations are preset. No matter where the boss dies. Similar to King Crab II.
    • There's a small platform located above the chest spawn that holds 3 Eggpans. Shooting the support beams enough will cause the platform to collapse and spawn the Eggpans. You can use this as an advantage to stop people from getting the chests.


  • This map took around 2 days to make.
  • The map was originally planned to be grass, as seen here, but was changed to lava by PlaceRebuilder's request.
  • In Debug, this map was named Gargoyle's Lair.

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