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Last Harvest

"Well its the last harvest."
―Inf. Bread


Last Harvest used to hold the title for the most open map in R2DA, which has since been taken by the Void. It still is quite open, so the standard run and gun play-style may not be the best choice here.

Background Story

By the time you see the dilapidated buildings, you know you're lost.

Something isn't right here, but you can't put your finger on it. You feel that you know the truth and that this place is the key, but you also feel that this place is dangerous.

...how did you get here anyway?

You can't remember.


Last Harvest is a large, open, and rural area.

Survivors spawn at a top of a hill surrounded by a thin forest.

Throughout this map are numerous shacks. Many small boulders and trees can be seen, along with some small lakes and rivers.

As this map is foggy, this will slightly obscure your vision. Wheat fields can also be seen, and can sometimes be unexpectedly dense.

Underneath the hill you spawn in are various tunnels, one path of which just leads to an abrupt end that leads into the void.


  • You cannot see the infecteds health bars. Be alert for sudden movements and sounds.
    • Infecteds on the contrary can see through the fog via their night vision.
  • Be sure to stay with one or two other survivors. With how large the map is, you can be easily isolated and picked off.
  • Make sure you're cautious when near wheat fields.
    • A Leaper can surprise you by leaping at you out of them.
    • An Edgar is slightly hidden by the wheat, but you should still be able to see them due to their height.
    • Due to the density, you may lag a little while running in it.
  • Landmarks will be incredibly helpful in establishing where exactly you are within this map.
  • There are no barriers to stop you from falling off the map, so be careful if you're running along the edge.
  • The map is quite large, so establishing a base might be a good idea to survive a little bit longer.
  • This map has a habit of placing half of the server on the zombies team instead of the usual distribution.
    • This habit can be especially troubling on Rapid Infection, so keep your wits about.
  • Use the Rocket Sleigh to get around the map or escape zombie hordes easily.
    • Use the Parasol, Jetpack or Cakepack to negate any fall damage that may incur from using this mount.
    • In addition, the Mini Crab and Ice Rhino can be very useful mounts for mobility.
      • The Toy Plane is also quite good here, given the amount of flat terrain.


  • This is presumably the largest map ever in the R2D series, excluding Void.
  • Similar to No Mercy Hospital, zombie health bars are disabled.
  • This is the first map to be largely based on smooth terrain.
    • In creation, PlaceRebuilder used the Plains Biome Generator tool from Roblox Studio to create the terrain.
    • This is also the first map to not allow Disruptors.
  • Before v0.9.5, if you were at a low graphic setting, the map would be foggy, but the skybox from the previous map would still remain.
    • This made the map quite easy, as you could see from far away.
  • In Debug, this map has a strange temporary loading screen.
  • In v1.4.6, this map received the grass effect found in other maps, like Panama Beach.