"A beam of light that tightens the spread of bullets, that's how lasers work people."


The Lasersight is an underbarrel attachment for the SCAR-H. While this doesn't actually produce a laser to see where your bullets will land, this is very useful in increasing the accuracy of the SCAR-H.

Background Story

Of course, previous lasers existed. Well, we say this. Only one previous laser attachment existed; the Lazex 2AA. Seems all L-Brain Sidework cared about were flashlights. The Fenix PD35, TrueNite TN12 and GG-X reflected this.

R-Brain Hardwork knew this. It was an untapped market. To appeal to the mass market, they bundled this with the SCAR-H. Survivors praise the accuracy boost that they gained.


  • This attachment increases the accuracy of the SCAR-H.
    • This should be the number one attachment you buy first, alongside the Vortex Viper 30mm.
  • While the Silencer does grant accuracy, the Lasersight is far more superior.
    • If you cannot afford the Lasersight, buy the Silencer.



  • v1.2.0
    • Price increased from 900$ to 9,000$.
  • v1.4.0
    • Accuracy increased from +30 to +40.

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