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"The fact that we have three (four) lasers in-game says a lot about our society."


The Laser is an underbarrel attachment for the MP5, HK416 and Barrett 50 Cal. Not only does it provide a small accuracy buff similar to other laser attachments, it also displays a visible laser that may help guide your aim.

Background Story

Date: April 12th, 2016

Aside from attending to business and making deals to make this company head in the right direction, I spent most of my time in the early days studying and collecting these now public domain patents and blueprints. It took me a very long time to learn these skills that allowed me to produce these accessories that go along with our firearms, but the results are well worth it.

The patents I studied in question show me a lot of ways to create low visibility lasers for some guns out there on the market, including our very own MP5. Even if this laser did not come with the original container I found on my… expedition, I still want to add as much as possible to this gun. Matter of fact testing for this laser should be tomorrow. Rob says he has perfected my scuffed design, perhaps improved upon the original patent meant for military and private use.

Only the tests will tell though. If they work though, we can mass produce them for our weapons and for other firearms that are not of our design. I always think about the people that get their hands on our products. Knowing how creativity and crafty survivors today can get, I intentionally designed the laser to be put on non-S.A.I. weaponry. I wonder how long it will take for people to realize this laser can fit on every gun with a rails.

Note to self; get some sleep as well. Being sleep deprived and working with lasers and schematics is going to start affecting my vision.

- Cornelius Cappachi



  • Looks similar to the Lazex 2AA and the Fenix PD35.
  • The Laser cannot be toggled in-game.
  • Unlike the other lasers, the Laser accurately tracks the position of where your weapon is pointing towards.

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