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"King Cake, King Cherrycake... Yeti I, Yeti II... King Crab, King Crab II... I think I'm starting to see a pattern"


The boss for Summer Event 2018. King Crab II is a reborn version of King Crab.

He currently resides on his volcanic island.

Background Story

An early expedition performed by the Research, Secure, Annex Foundation (RSA) onto a beach filled with decades of dumped nuclear waste led to their covert group discovering the home of one of the most elusive species of crab to ever exist, nicknamed the King Crab.

Due to its extreme strength, and uncanny ability to tear apart teams of trained men, the RSA was ordered to put it down, and they did. But they left the little ones alive, and many years later, survivors fleeing perhaps an even more dangerous enemy found themselves facing the crab's descendant, King Crab... the first?

Don't question it.



  • Get into the water whenever the volcano starts erupting.
  • Use the Jetpack to gain an advantage of not getting hit when on the ground.
    • But still be careful, the Sand Crabs he summons might hit you while you are trying to ascend.
  • Standing on top of Crab II is possible, but not recommended due to the Wave of Sand attack that is capable of killing anyone close to him. 
  • Bring an armor that gives lots of health, such as Bulldozer II or X-Mas Cape.
  • Bearing in mind the arena is quite big, standard automatics will not be effective in this map.
  • As a rule of the thumb, try to stay as far away as possible from King Crab II, while still dealing damage. Stay as close as possible to the water's edge to escape the volcano.


  • King Crab II is believed to be the descendant of the original King Crab.
  • In early debugging phases, this boss had 2,000 health, which was later upgraded to 200,000. In the final update, however, this boss has 300,000 health.
  • King Crab II will find nearby surface or attack nearby survivors if he is ever on the water.
  • King Crab II is known for causing players to randomly disconnect because of NoobBuster x16.
    • This happens to normal rounds, other than boss for other reasons, too.
    • This has been patched in v1.2.0.

This article refers to the 2018 Boss
If you want the 2016 boss, click here.


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