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King Crab (Map)

This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"There will be no crab memes here."


This was a boss map that has been added for R2DA's Release Event. It's the second boss map added, with the first was for Yeti at Christmas 2015.

Background Story

This is the only beach in the world where scientists were able to find the elusive and deadly mine crab (repurposed and now a Crabmine). Due to how special the area was, one might think the pre-apocalypse government would protect it. However, humans are dumb. An oil spill and a bit of radioactive waste, and one special crab mutated into the giant, dangerous, but not wearing an explosive hat, King Crab.


The map is a tropical beach, much like Panama Beach with the palm trees, sand, non-lethal water and grass. However, it's laid out much like some sort of "castle defense game" way, with half the map being water, and the other half being the surface. A couple of Ammo Stations are spread throughout the map along with Tickets that you can snatch in the seaside building. Occasionally, a Tsunami will come up, killing anyone instantly if they come in contact with the wave.

The boss first spawns in the centre of the surface half of the map, so watch out. There are no invisible walls on the side of the map, so watch out for that also. King Crab can also fall off the map, effectively killing himself, albeit the Tickets will be impossible to be pick up.


  • Be careful while at the edge of the map as there aren't any barriers to protect you from falling off.
  • A Tsunami is incoming the moment the round starts. It practically kills you on touch.
    • If you're going for Tickets, you better run in the house and quickly grab them before it's too late.
    • Get onto the shore. The tsunami should recede by the time it's consumed the house.
      • The Tsunami only reappears if people are in the water.
  • While camping on the lighthouse may seem like a good idea, King Crab can knock it over, dealing heavy damage to anyone on it.


  • Hammers are banned here due to abuse by players.
  • There was a rare bug where the tsunami would cover the whole map.
  • This is actually called Crab King in the Loading Screen.
  • This is the first boss map after demo.
    • But in R2DA history this is the second boss map making Yeti's Cave the first.