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Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"He's going to make a krabby patty out of you"


This was the boss for when R2DA was officially released. An event was held to celebrate the occasion.

Being a crab, King Crab likes to hang around his beach. The name of that specific beach is lost to time, so it goes unnamed.

Background Story

Every year, thousands of crabs (most notably the Crabmine) would crawl up onto the beach to lay eggs. However, due to a nearby oil spill and some toxic waste being pumped into the ocean, a certain crab grew to a huge size and gained sentience.

Angered by the group of nearby survivors just having fun on the beach and tossing trash on the ground, it grew furious and it attacked them.

Being a crab, it was easily put down and was later cooked and eaten. It was the best crab anyone has ever eaten, but some people complained about the radioactive aftertaste.


  • 1,000 EXP
  • Tickets upon the area in where the King Crab died.


  • Try not to be in the water when King Crab smashes, as you'll have less time to sprint away.
  • Standing on his back may lead to you being instantly killed, even if King Crab's jumps are minuscule.


  • First boss where HP depends on amount of players, with the second being Rhi-snow.
    • Second boss to have variable health, with the first being the Yeti.
  • Boss during Release Event 2016.
  • First boss to have immunity from something, with it being immunities to Melee Weapons.
  • This can sometimes be weaker, due to the varying health, than the Yeti possibly making it the weakest boss ever.
  • He would occasionally be flung off his beach and into the void causing players to not get tickets.
  • The healthbar image of King Crab is slightly lighter than his in-game form.

This article refers to the 2016 Boss

If you want the 2018 boss, click here.

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