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King Cherrycake (Map)

"Explain to me how heaven works with having a monstrous cake trying to kill you there AGAIN..."


This is the place you fight King Cherrycake after you board the Flying Ship from King Cherrycake's Quest. There are no invincible walls to protect you from the void. If you fall from the arena, you are basically dead.

Background Story

The kingdom of the cake, remembered by few. Up here, the king resides over all. The cake.

You were never meant to step foot in this place, but - 

Do what you must, for he knows he stands little chance of stopping you.


King Cherrycake resides in the sky. Players spawn at the four corner edges of the map. Cannon Clouds run down the sides of the main platform in which King Cherrycake stays on, parallel to each other.

The pillars on the highest point on the main platform, accompanied with aiding stairs so you don't need to jump, finish off the map. The pillars contain the red cherries in which heal King Cherrycake. There are four of them.


  • Avoid staying near the edges, King Cherrycake and the Cake Slice will most certainly push you off.
  • The terrain is versatile to attacks from King Cherrycake and the Cannon Cloud.
  • Ammo Stations will spawn on any block except on pillars and stairs.
    • However, they can only be reloaded from twice.
    • Extra Ammo can only be refilled from two times here.
      • It cannot be bought on the clouds as it will not spawn.


  • The pillars on this map are doric style.