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King Cherrycake's Quest

"If you thought the Chronos quest puzzle was hard and annoying because some people fail to do it, get ready for King Cake's quest puzzle"


King Cherrycake's Quest is a set of puzzles that lay in wait, protecting the kingdom of the cake. This may or may not be hard and dangerous, depending on your level of maturity in R2DA.

Background Story

Survivors should take a moment and think about why King Cherrycake chose to build numerous puzzles to make his kingdom difficult to access.

Perhaps he is simply a peaceful monarch, seeking to protect his loyal subjects and people from the survivors down below, who seemingly never ever give up on tearing things to shreds, be it one-of-a-kind animals or sentient pumpkins. Perhaps, deep down, he fears the survivors. He fears their weapons, their tenacity, their violence. Perhaps these puzzles are simply his last defence.

Or, perhaps... There aren't any other reasons, are there?

But it cannot be right. The cake is evil, his minions are evil, everything about him is evil. He's powerful, all-powerful, a threat to everyone, just another foe the survivors have to deal with. And when he's defeated, like always, they'll be rewarded with treasure, treasure beyond imagination, treasure that spawns from thin air, certainly not stolen from the pillaged area the foe inhabited. The puzzles are there to stop the survivors from vanquishing the evil cake, to inhibit their peacekeeping. So the survivors believe.


Mobs: Cannon Cloud (Obstacle 5), Cake Slice (Obstacle 5), Cake Turret (Obstacle 2 and 5)

  • Obstacle 1 - Boosterpad Jump - Jump from cloud to cloud using the Boosterpads.
  • Obstacle 2 - The Bridge - Avoid and kill the Cake Turret on the bridge. Avoid the troll block when jumping to the ladder. After that jump into the abyss.
  • Obstacle 3 - The Staircase - Run up the disappearing staircase.
  • Obstacle 4 - Key Puzzle - Rotate the keys to on or off to unlock the gate. Requires 10 Fame.
  • Obstacle 5 - The Battle - Battle the Cake Slice, Cannon Cloud and the Cake Turret. Gather sixteen Rose Petals when the Cake Slice dies. You have 5 minutes to complete this part of the quest.
  • Obstacle 6 - Push Puzzle - Hop onto the spinning flower to get to the puzzle. From a selection of eight puzzles, one puzzle will appear. Complete the puzzle by pushing the blocks into the red targets. Requires 10 Fame. A 30-second timer will start and progressively kill players everytime it reaches 0 seconds so long as no one has a key.
  • Obstacle 7 - The Ship - Get onto the ship to win.



  • You probably need the Tactical II vest or Scout armor to give some bonus stamina, or a stamina boosting item such as the Candy Cane or Blueberry Splush, for The Staircase.
    • If you lose all your stamina, use the Ice Rhino or the Mini Crab to gain some ground.
      • If you have none of the above, ration your stamina wisely.
  • Try to land on the next cloud in Obstacle 1 first time, as failing will lead to fall damage.
    • For this reason a Medkit or Vitamins are recommended.
    • Practising this part is advised as some players time their jump too early or too late.
    • Sprinting is required to pass this portion of the quest.
  • If you are person that will occasionally fall off obstacles, the Parasol, Cakepack or Duck Mount are recommended.
  • The RPG, Tri-Blaster or M202 are recommended for the battle scene to clear out the initial mobs.
  • Constant movement is recommended for the battle scene as the Cannon Clouds will destroy the battle arena platform.
  • Take time on the Key and Push Puzzle.
    • Touch the middle part of the key to interact with the Key Puzzle.
    • If you take a while or screw up, it is likely that other players will unkey you.
      • It is reminded that the Push Puzzle changes so you cannot predict what puzzle will appear.
    • While in the Push Puzzle you cannot jump or go through any solid blocks. There is also a 60-second timer to complete the puzzle. If you fail to complete this in the time limit, you will be killed.
      • If you accidentally make the Push Puzzle unsolvable, you will die.
    • Once the Push Puzzle is done, you have around five seconds to get onto the Flying Ship.
  • Reload whenever you can when it comes to the battle. The Ammo Stations can be destroyed by the Cannon Cloud.
  • There is a star in Obstacle 1 whereby if you touch it, you get 1 Fame. However, only one player can take it.
  • Only 4 people can get on the spinning flower at a time. Don't fight for the spots or you might fall to your doom.
  • Focus on the Cannon Cloud, they are a much bigger threat than the other two.
  • If your graphic quality is good, you can track the shadows of the Cake Turrets spawning.

Push Puzzle Solutions

  • Blue first
  • Green second
  • Red third
  • Black fourth (when there is a fourth pusher)
  • Any notes will be captioned.

HelpfulMoonlord's Puzzle
Must be done in this order.
WikiaColors's Puzzle
Must be done in this order and must be done immediately or you will run out of time.
RichKid21432's Puzzle
1st and 2nd can be swapped.
Alternative solution: Red, 1st
Green, 2nd
Black, 3rd
Blue can be moved at anytime.
AnzeigeistRaus' Puzzle
It doesn't matter which order you do it in.
The red and blue can be sent to different targets at the overlap.
Rainbowgamer1's Puzzle (1)
There are many ways to do the initial part of the puzzle, but the blue move at the top is the easiest.
After that, it must be done in this order.
Rainbowgamer1's Puzzle (2)
This is not the fastest solution, but this is the easiest to visualise.
Red can be done at anytime.
PlaceRebuilder's Puzzle (1)
At the overlap between green/blue, they can be sent to different targets, but at separation, blue must be done first.
Red can be done at any time after green is done.
PlaceRebuilder's Puzzle (2)
Can be done in any order.
Multiple ways to solve this puzzle.