"One day a man told me diabetes is not the only thing that can kill you"


A giant piece of cake, whose skybound kingdom holds many treasures. Although this monarch is by far the least durable boss, his offensive capabilities coupled with the small size of his arena will lead to him being much, much harder than you expect.

Background Story

Survivors often seek ways to explain things that have happened in the wake of the apocalypse. Yes, the clock was likely a dream. The giant animals? Created through the virus, and perhaps a smidge of radiation.

But they've given up on trying to explain the King Cherrycake.

Its secluded kingdom in the skies only appears every now and then, foretelling a long series of battles and hardships to get to it. And once it's defeated, it always comes back. It brings with it a feeling of something great - a feeling of great achievement, whenever it appears.

And yet the survivors are compelled to defeat it, mostly because they don't want it to show up at one of their strongholds. Perhaps if it had a mouth, its majesty and the gun-toting, certainly not peaceful survivors could come to an agreement... but it's a cake.



  • He has a forcefield at the start of the round, avoid shooting him until that wears off and he starts attacking.
  • Do not let its low health fool you. This is capable of devastating an entire team of high rank survivors.
  • You can avoid King Cherrycake healing himself by shooting the orb when he tries to eat them.
    • If the orb is destroyed/consumed it will deal explosive damage and trip to those nearest to King Cherrycake.
  • It is recommended to bring healing items such as Vitamins or Medkits.
  • Standing on the clouds will increase your chance of living, due to the fact that platforms around King Cherrycake can be destroyed.
    • Standing on these clouds, or the far corners is recommended when you first spawn in, as in most cases, his Sugary Stomp move will always come first.
    • Be sure that you don't stand on them for too long. They will despawn and cause you to fall.
    • If he shocks you then you're probably going to fall off.
  • Reload whenever you can. The Ammo Stations here only have 2 refills and will eventually be destroyed.
  • Try to not be infront of King Cherrycake, as his Ground Smash smashes the blocks infront of him.
  • Do not ignore the Cake Slice, as they have a major knockback and are capable of pushing you off the map.
  • Be aware of the Cannon Cloud as they can deal major knockback if you don't move while they attack.
  • It is recommended to wear the Tactical II while fighting King Cherrycake because it increases max stamina.
    • However, the most effective vest to bring is the Faraday Vest as it nulls one of King Cherrycake's attacks, the Sweet Shock.
  • It is also recommended to never stand idle anywhere on the main platform or clouds due to the amount of attacks you have to dodge from King Cherrycake or his minions.


  • This is the second general boss, available all year round, first being Chronos XI.
    • While this isn't a returning boss from R2D, this is a remake of the former general boss, King Cake.
  • Originally, this had 100,000 health in Debug.
    • The Lightning Bolts used to do 30 damage in Debug.
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