"The key to hell..."


The Key is an item is never physically seen in your inventory at all. It has many uses within R2DA for different functions:


  • Keys cannot be transferred between events.
  • The Quest Keys are dropped by on the bodies of Skullguards and Stone Golumns.
  • The Boss Keys are dropped on the spot where that particular boss died.


  • If you have the key during a round of Chronos Quest and King Cherrycake's Quest, the key decal will float above your head.
    • This can be removed by vote if 4 users type "unkey [player name]".
  • R2D 2014's Halloween Event 2014 also used Keys.
    • In that context, keys were used to allow the player to vote for the Lord Pumpkin Boss Arena.
  • The Key is a free model and can be found here.

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