"An ancient spirit lies within the blade, demanding nothing but the blood of its victims."


A really long Japanese sword from the past. It is commonly used by Japanese Samurai as a weapon. The Katana is known for its big grip, and curved, single-edged blade, that can easily cut through many surfaces.

Background Story

Some survivors wished to see more melee weapons that weren't simply knives, so R-Brain Hardwork set to work. Unlike most cheap Walmart knockoffs, the Katanas manufactured by the Japanese branch of R-Brain Hardwork is made with genuine materials that were used during the Medieval and Imperial periods of Japan; more specifically from the Sengoku era. Now you can hack, slash and act like a delusional weeaboo everywhere you go!

Now, where's my Straw Hat? I'm craving for some California Rolls.


  • Use Tactical II, Farmer's Jacket, or Scout for their stamina boosts.
  • Use this on a horde of zombies due to the penetration, high damage for its swing rate and its relatively long length.
  • If you are more into combat rather than styles, don't equip the attachment animations because it increases the delay before you can attack again.
  • This sword doesn't trip, it only does damage.
    • It will just be a waste on one singular zombie.


  • Rapid Swing Rate
  • Multi Hit


  • Expensive
  • No Abilities


  • Another returning weapon from R2D 2014.
    • The R2D 2014 Katana did damage per tick instead of what we have today.
  • This is the third sword in R2DA.
    • This is, however, the first widely-available purchasable sword.
  • This page was originally created on April 1st, 2018 as an April Fools joke. It was deleted on April 6th since April Fools went by. Then, out of nowhere, on April 17th, 2018, the Katana was confirmed for R2DA.
  • This is the second weapon to have an attachment that adds Cool Factor with the first being the M249.
    • This is the first to have multiple attachments that adds Cool Factor.
  • The original mesh in Debug was the ROBLOX standard Katana.
  • The "genuine materials" in the Katana background story is very like Kawagane and Shigane, being steel with different carbon concentrations.
  • The Tsuba, or the guard at the handle, resembles the Higo Tsuba shape very closely.


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