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"Remember the Asimo skin PR added to the Dragunov? Here's another CS:GO surprise. "


The Karambit is a Traditional Indonesian knife spread throughout South-east Asia via trading. It has a curve, similar to a claw, used mainly for gutting fish and cutting up food, though you could use it for the same things, including zombies.

This knife has the unique ability to climb walls, which can be useful for escaping certain death.

Background Story

As countries around the world fell one-by-one to the SANI Virus, it was normal to migrate to another location. When travelling, people like to bring a little bit of culture with them to keep it alive.

Discovered by R-Brain Hardwork scouts, a small foreign group was found toting these around. Not only were they used in battling the elements, they were also used in battling zombies and the occasional quick escape.

Information was relayed back to base, and the Karambit was prepared for mass distribution. Focus groups have noted that some survivors continuously spout their praise for an old video game while using this weapon.


  • The Karambit has the ability to latch onto walls and climb them, making this weapon a perfect tool to escape hordes.
    • You can click and hold to perform this while facing a wall.
      • Repeatedly letting go and holding will automatically climb up the wall for you.
      • If you do not hold onto the wall correctly, you will take some unnecessary fall damage.
    • If you're running away from a horde, you can use this ability to get away quickly.
      • Keep an eye out for a Brute, Swarmer or an Edgar while climbing, as they can easily hit you.
    • You don't have infinite stamina, so don't expect it to be your saving grace.
  • You cannot climb on certain surfaces, such as windows.
  • For fall damage insurance, use the Cakepack.
  • If you want to use this just for killing zombies, it is recommended to swap the Rambo Knife as it has a faster swing rate
    • However, slower swing rate makes it better for survival against normal zombies, due to melee immunity.
  • This is a very good weapon to use in Quest, so long the quest has walls to scale, such as Chronos Quest.
    • Keep in mind on some quests this is a killable offense due to ruining the whole point of an obstacle course.


  • Climb
  • Trip
  • Knockback
  • Low Energy Usage


  • No Multi Hit
  • Slow Swing Rate



  • v1.0.2
    • Rank changed from 16 to 17.
  • v1.0.2
    • Rank changed from 17 to 23.

  • This is the second knife to be added to R2DA, with the first being the Rambo Knife.
  • In Debug, while the climbing ability was being worked on, you could throw the Karambit as a placeholder ability.
    • Since this ability was temporary, it was quite glitchy. Attempting to throw it while in this state would send you flying around the map.
    • As the climbing ability is now finalised, you can no longer throw the Karambit.
  • This weapon could be considered an "echo" of the Rambo Knife, due to their similarities.
    • These include the amount of stamina they take up, the amount of damage dealt, a unique ability, and the fact they're both knives.