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"Makes you as quiet as a hummingbird, at the expense of your range. But who needs a suppressor when the zombies can spot across the map?"


The K5 Silencer is an attachment that can help improve the M93R accuracy for the price of range. Was formerly used for the M4A1.

Background Story

The K5 Silencer was manufactured before and after the new world outbreak. Plans of this were in motion years earlier but were ultimately scrapped due to budget cuts to make weapons that no longer exist. Today L-Brain Sidework manufacturers these for the M93R handguns.

Plans about adapting this to newer weapons, such as an M16A1, haven't been confirmed. For now, the K5, along with other removed attachments, lay rusting on a pile of compact arms unless L-Brain Sidework decides to bring it back from the scrapheap. Speaking of which, why don't they attach these to their Remington rifles?


  • Use this to add accuracy to the M93R at a cost of range.
    • Due to the poor accuracy of the M93R, it is unlikely that you would be using this at longer ranges anyway.
  • Use guns with silencers like any other, sound doesn't matter.


  • This is the first attachment to have a negative effect when equipped, with the second being the Hipfire.
    • During DEMO, accuracy granted was much higher than values seen today.
  • The mesh seems to be based on a Military Grade Silencer.
  • The Silencer was supposed to be in R2D 2014, but was cut from the game for unknown reasons.
  • During the transition of the M93R from CSG to Mesh, the Silencer was temporarily removed.
    • This image shows what happened when Place was re-adding the Silencer to the M93R.