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This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Say goodbye to your lame Duck Mount as you escape the uncool zombie horde on your very own Jetski! With this cool invention, you can easily simulate the feeling of being in Hawaii! So, what are you wave-ting for? Get yours today! (We are nowhere near responsible for any votekicks you receive if you round-delay with the Jetski)."


Jetski is a good mount for maps that have water in it. It is also the worst choice for maps that don't have water, since this mount can't be used on land, making it a useless in maps such as Mogadishu Transit or Farmhouse.

This also appears in R2DA Wipeout II, to get you to Ticket Island, and R2DA Wipeout III.

Background Story

After the massacre of Papa Squid and his followers, the survivors managed to get their grubby, greedy hands on the pinnacle of liquid transportation. The Jetski. With this, they sped around the oceans, dumping plastics, damaged armor, worthless trash and generally polluted the area. The destruction of the environment angered the remnants of Papa Squid's followers and what's left of the EPA and PETA. They now bide their time, waiting for the day where they will take revenge.


  • Remember, this mount has fuel, so you must return to land after 25 seconds.
    • After running out of fuel, your mount will disappear and you will be dumped into the water.
  • In maps with no water, like Mogadishu Transit, the Jetski is basically worthless since it cannot be used on land.
    • If spawned on land, this will despawn after about 5 seconds.
  • This can be used on lethal (and semi-lethal) water.
    • In the cases of semi-lethal water, such as Gate Keeper II, this is a very useful mount.
  • This mount cannot be used in Shoot'em Up Town, since the map uses a different water style.
    • As a given too, this cannot be used in lava-based maps, such as Boo's Holdout.
  • You can use this if you are getting chased by zombies, only if there is water around.
  • To safely get out of lethal water without dying, try to drive up a slope near the water.
    • You cannot simply just jump out of water as the mount will despawn, dumping you into the water.
  • While you can use the Toy Sword while on this mount, it is near redundant due to your high speed.
    • This can, however, be a useful tool in Melee Smash, if anyone is in water.
  • Swarmers may use their Hive attack to prevent you using the Jetski in the water. Combat this by wearing the Beekeeper Suit.
  • If done correctly, a teammate can ride on front of your Jetski.
    • Use this to protect the driver by killing zombies.


  • First water-based mount.
    • This is also the first mount to only be used on a certain type of terrain.
    • This is also the second mount to use fuel.
      • The Rocket Sleigh does technically have fuel, though not in a similar fashion to the Jetski.
  • Fourth mount in the R2D series, and third in R2DA, to not be an animal.
  • In Debug, the Jetski could be bought for $2,000.
    • This was likely just for testing.