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"When you mix jet fuel, potassium chloride and religious transcendence in just the right way, it blasts you into new heights not known to man. Throw the right amount of hydrogen gas into the mix and you got yourself one hell of a miniature space launch pad - for your personal use."
―Not Thermite


The Jetpack, otherwise known as a Rocket Belt or Rocketpack, is a device that is worn on the back of the player which uses jets of gas to propel users vertically and effectively escape hordes.

Unlike the DEMO version of the Jetpack, this does not regain fuel and the fuel capacity is significantly shorter.

Hold the spacebar to use this.

Background Story

At the beginning of the downfall, survivors were quick to resort to using what had become one of the most popular inventions ever created - personal Jetpacks - to escape their undead foes. The versatility, mobility and safety the Jetpack added were appreciated by all, and no doubt saved thousands of lives, but survivors quickly realised that they were unfit for use with heavy weaponry and broke down easily over time. The original Jetpacks lasted only a few months until all that could be salvaged ran out.

However, over the past few years, as manufacturing, research and defence groups grew and grew, they never forgot the thing that helped them so much in the early days. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours were put into reproducing something that they knew might be impossible, but if they succeeded, it would be one of the survivors' most useful additions to their arsenal.

The new Jetpack is currently undergoing preliminary tests, with many, perhaps not so satisfactory changes. It's at least better than nothing.


  • This doesn't have infinite fuel and it does not regain fuel over time.
    • You lose your Jetpack when you use up all the fuel.
  • You cannot take fall damage from the small puffs this Jetpack supplies.
    • Cakepacks won't parachute you because of this but Parasols will open.
    • However, upon losing your Jetpack, you will take fall damage from whatever height you are at.
      • Remember to bring a Cakepack or Parasol if this situation ever occurs.
      • Alternatively, the Duck Mount could be a useful substitute if you have neither of these things.
  • Use this for escaping Leapers! When a Leaper is rushing towards you, fly up to escape your impending doom.
    • You can also use this to escape most things in the game, in short notice.
    • It also works to avoid falling out of the map.
  • This doesn't appear in your actual inventory, however, you can drop it upon death.
    • Anyone who picks it up gets the full amount of fuel, regardless of how much fuel it had before.
  • Remember, this is banned in Quest.
    • In Boss maps, this is a very good item to bring, to avoid the moves of the boss.
  • When the Jetpack is almost out of fuel, land safely before you take fall damage.
    • If you see a Jetpack on the ground, empty out your almost empty Jetpack and get a new one.
      • Although remember, a survivor with no Jetpack can take the Jetpack when you are emptying yours.



  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 18 to 24.

  • This is the first item exclusive to VIP Servers.
  • One of the most speculative features in R2DA.
  • This is significantly nerfed from the days of the Jetpack from DEMO.
    • Differences include, but not limited to:
      • Smaller puffs per second.
      • Less vertical gain per second.
      • No fuel regained over time.
  • This used to cost 50$ in Debug.
  • If the Jetpack is selected on a Non-VIP Server, the message will say "Only available in VIP Servers." If the VIP Server doesn't allow Jetpacks, the message will say "This VIP Server has NOT enabled Jetpacks."
    • You cannot equip it on normal servers.
    • You also cannot unequip this in normal servers if you had it equipped from the previous session unless you equip a Medkit or Defibrillators.
  • Getting Medkits through Arena, or through the gifts from Toy Factory, will cause the Jetpack to completely disappear. However, it will still function as a normal Jetpack without the model. You can even heal with the Medkit. This is probably a bug.
  • One of the three regular items not to be found in Regular Chests, the other two being the Airstrike and Flash.
  • The Jetpack is not available in Singleplayer, only in Multiplayer.

There is an item with the same name.
This page contains information about the modern day Jetpack.
For the demo version of the Jetpack, click here.