"THIS thing might be even harder to get than beating the bloody boss. also uuuh, how many slotpacks does this chest give? from 30 to 35? so if we do quick math here...uh...youll save 10495 tix if youll get 35. thats a ####### kidney worth of tix. but either way, hook or slopacks - use em wisely."


The Jacksplot Chest can only be found after defeating the Jacksplot 7 in the Jacksplot's Domain. Opening this chest will award the player with the Grappling Hook, the Jacksplot skin (if they already have the Grappling Hook) or 30-35 Slotpacks, if they own both the Grappling Hook and Jacksplot Skin.

Background Story

After an incredibly intense and difficult battle, Jacksplot 7 finally collapsed, seemingly done for. However, this was but a tactical retreat.

In its wake was an incredible treasure for those who had clung to life, in the form of Jacksplot's personal treasure hoard. Scattered about were hundreds of Tickets and dozens of chests, just as many other fierce enemies had left behind before. One chest, however, stood out, as did its contents.


  • Try not to be in the middle of where chests spawn, so you can grab the Jacksplot Chest without being interrupted by a chest spawning on top of you.
  • If you see survivors running towards this chest, you can use Pumpkin Pies, Water Balloons or Eggs to trip the person and get it first.
  • Energy boosters can help you scavenge the area easily.
  • Be aware that the arena may still be missing some blocks while you scavenge for the Jacksplot Chest. Try not to fall into the void.


  • Ninth exclusive boss chest, tied with the Captain's Bounty.
  • This is slightly different from the other boss chests due to the casino-related details on the chest.

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