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Jacksplot's Domain

"Are we seriously fighting a slot machine on a giant casino table? How does this make any logical sense?!"
―Deceased Survivor


Jacksplot's Domain is the boss arena for Jacksplot 7. The map is slighter larger than the Chronos Dimension. Frequently, bits of the map are destroyed, mostly by Jacksplot 7's attacks, including the roulette wheel.

Background Story

Monte Carlo. Macau. Montenegro. Have these places not taught us that casinos are the place for bad luck?

During these turbulent times, survivors thought they could cure their bad luck by trying to kill Jacksplot 7. Oh how wrong they were. Very few came out alive.


The map is a rather large green roulette board, with a roulette wheel at one end of the roulette board to determine the result of Jacksplot 7's Roulette Chance move. A large screen indicated the result of the roll. The roulette board appears to be European (due to the lack of a 00 square).

Chip Cannons are located at both ends of the board, with Rolling Chips coming out when activated by Jacksplot 7.


  • Do not try to jump on the roulette wheel as there is a kill wall surrounding it.
    • Additionally, the green area around the roulette wheel is not solid, meaning that you will clip through it and die.
  • Try to stay in the area between two Chip Launchers, as chips cannot make sharp turns.
    • Additionally, you can try to stay in the centre of the map, since the Rolling Chips are likely to fall over before they reach you.
  • The board is frequently destroyed by Jacksplot 7 and its minions. Try to stay mobile.
    • Due to this, terrain regeneration is frequent.
  • Use Duck, Bunny or Jetpack to make the minions fall off the map by getting yourself out of the battleground.


  • This was originally presumed to be an April Fools Joke, just like Jacksplot 7 itself.
  • The roulette board has 19 numbers, 0-18, while traditional European roulette boards have 35 numbers, 0-34.
    • The board is a European board as American roulette boards have double zeros (and a single zero), while European boards only have a single zero.
  • Like Gate Keeper II and R2DA Wipeout III, Ammo Stations on this map have 5 refills.