"I still look behind me expecting to see a blue shell..."


The Item Box is a green spinning item that can be collided with during Race. They are scattered all over the racetrack. After a short while, a random booster item is selected, which you can use to boost yourself or harm other survivors.

Background Story

The delinquent youths who were trespassing Carrot Fields did not find racing around on bunnies nearly as fun as the whole apocalypse thing. Bored out of their minds, they placed Item Boxes around the track to give a competitive edge.

Some people died, of course. But when you are having so much fun, such things can be omitted.

Nobody knows how these contraptions were made. All they know was indeed, to use them for their advantage.


  • Be aware of any traps that may be placed next to the Item Box (like the Honey and Bear Trap).
    • Also be aware of trolls who camp beside Item Boxes, deploying traps to harm you.
  • If you miss the Item Box, whether it be due to the poor hitbox or other people claiming it in front of you, you can always go back to claim it. However, be aware that you will lose some time in the Race.
  • You cannot claim an Item Box if you do not have an open booster slot.
    • This does not include the Carrot, if you are currently using it.
    • If you want to claim the Item Box, immediately use the booster in your item slot.

Booster Items

Egg Bear Trap Honey Carrot
When thrown at players, it will stun them, making them lose one heart. After someone runs over the trap, it will stun them, making them lose one heart. After someone runs over the honey, it will slow them down. It will disappear a short while after. Temporarily makes your Bunny move faster.


  • The Item Box is a returning feature from R2D 2014 as it appeared in Open Fields.
  • The Carrot was originally meant to be a Easter 2019 item, before being scrapped.
  • The Egg and Honey take their meshes from the Eggs and Swarmer, respectively.
  • There was a cancelled item that was intended to come out of the Item Box, namely a boxing glove, which would fly around the player, stunning and taking a heart away from a player who touched it.

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