"Ah, good ol' ironsights, the scope for poor people."


The standard default sights for a Remington 700. These come along with the weapon.

Background Story

Being one of the first attachments distributed, the Ironsight are an optical attachment for the Remington 700. However, after DEMO, the Ironsights were broken after it was discovered that most were bootlegged. Some decided to switch over to the Vortex Viper 30mm.

After a tough legal battle, L-Brain Sidework managed to pull every bootleg off the market.


  • It's recommended that you use this until you purchase the Viper or the LP Hawkview.
  • Don't try to aim with this, it makes it harder to hit zombies.
    • Only ADS if the zombie is far away.



  • Skin support added form the Remington 700 in v1.2.7.

  • This is a first free optic sight attachment to a non-mod weapon.
    • The first optic sight was the Holo, but that has since been removed.
  • This changed appearance when Remington 700 changed from a CSG to a mesh.
  • For a long time, these were broken until v1.0.0.

R700 Iron
There are more ironsights available.
This is the Ironsight for Remington 700, other ironsights are available here.


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