"Your typical free-shipped Ironsights with your guns, sir."


These Ironsights are an attachment for the HK416 that come supplied with it. It adds an optical sight as well as granting a small amount of accuracy to the HK416.

Background Story

Even with new technology you need old ideas. R-Brain Hardwork drew inspiration from the Barrett 50 Cal. Ironsight due to its similar bullet piercing and came up with this.


  • Equip if you cannot afford the Holosight since the Holosight is better in every regard to this attachment.


  • One of the first attachments to support all the skins, excluding DEMO attachments.
  • The SCAR-H Ironsights uses the same model as the HK416 Ironsights.

There are more ironsights available.
This is the Ironsight for HK416, other ironsights are available here.

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