Intermission is the period of time where you can change your loadout, including Items, Weapons, and Armor, as well as edit your settings. Think of it as a small breather in between rounds.


This area is where Intermission begins. It's accessible before a round begins and after a round ends. Access to the menu is also available by clicking the Menu button while spectating.

You may access the Menu Store by clicking the Store icon. While in the store, you may purchase the various equipment available. (This store is not to be confused with the In-Game Store which is accessible during the round[s])

Clicking the Settings icon will take you to the settings page where you may change gameplay options to your liking.

Press the Ready icon once you are ready to play, this is done during Intermission. Pressing it any later will result in your team being set as Zombie, whether you were Human or not. There is an option to have you automatically start when Intermission ends named Auto Ready.

Intermission lasts for a period of 40 seconds.


  • The music for this can be changed in Settings.
  • Currently there's a bug that causes a person to not be spawned in if they click Ready before 10 seconds have passed in Intermission.
  • This is skipped in Tutorial Island and Tutorial Island 2.0.

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