The In-Game Store can be accessed after pulling the Leaderboard up by pressing the Tab key, and navigating to the "Shop" tab.  Depending on whether team the player is on, survivor or zombie, different items are available.

As a Survivor

The Survivors have access to a variety of supplies, such as Vitamins and Grenades to aid them in survival, as well as power-ups.


Tag Objective (50$) - This tags any important object in a given mode for everyone. In Campaign, it shows what the survivors need to pick up to win the round. In Arena, it shows what zombies have yet to be killed in the last phase. In PVP-modes such as Free For All, it reveals everyone still standing on the map (yourself included).

Extra Ammo (100$) - Spawns a small ammo station for you to refill. See info here.

Disruptor (100$) - Prevents zombie spawns until broken. See info here.

Truck (150$) - Player controlled vehicle. See info here.

Van (100$) - Player controlled vehicle. See info here.


The items supplied in the shop are generally more expensive than items bought from the menu, and can only be purchased once per round.

Vitamins (75$) - Temporarily restores the player's health, health slowly decreases back to remaining health.

Grenade (50$) - Throwable that explodes a few secounds after being activated.

Flash (30$) - Throwable that stuns and blinds both fellow survivors and zombies for a few secounds after being thrown.

Molotov (60$) - Throwable that sets the target area on fire on impact.

Fire Ext. (150$) - Extinguishes Elementals and radiation, knocks back and trips zombies.

Propane (50$) - Placeable that explodes when shot.

Jerry Can (50$) - Placeable that sets the surrounding area on fire when shot.

Toma. (100$) - Throwable projectable that has high damage but only one use.

As a Zombie


Tag 'Em (10$) - This is a power-up that allows zombies to find survivors. Buying this power-up causes an icon that shows a survivor's respective rank and location. Everyone can see the arrow at any point in any map. Used to be 50$ during DEMO.

Upgrade Climb (50$) - Buying this causes ladders to appear at certain key locations. Using the ladders allows you flank a group of survivors or to intercept a lone survivor's escape. The ladders cannot be seen or used by survivors, or zombies who have yet to buy or earn them. These are awarded for free when your zombie hits Level 5 through the Zombie Leveling System.

This power-up can be bought on all maps except Panama Beach, Last Harvest, Void and Casius Outpost.

Relocate (50$) - Teleports you to a random zombie spawn point. You cannot relocate during certain moments, such as when you are under fire by a survivor as a Brute or when you have grabbed or pinned a survivor as an Edgar or Leaper. However, you can still relocate if you are being lured into a Pipebomb.

Special Zombie Buying

There are cool-downs that start as soon the player dies as these mobs, just to be fair for the survivors. The player cannot until after a minute has passed in the round.

There are no cool-downs in the Survival Unlimited Universe.

Brute (600$) - You automatically reset and respawn as a Brute.

  • This will not work if:
    • There is a currently a Brute alive in a Standard Server.
    • There is a Brute Limit in a VIP Server, and the Brute count reaches the limit.
  • This will work regardless in a Survival Unlimited server.

Edgar (100$) - The player automatically resets and respawns as an Edgar.

Leaper (165$) - The player automatically resets and respawns as a Leaper.

Elemental (300$) - The player automatically resets and respawns as an Elemental.

Ticker (150$) - The player automatically resets and respawns as a Ticker.

Digger (300$) - The player automatically resets and respawns as a Digger.

Stalker (120$) - The player automatically resets and respawns as a Stalker.

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