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Immunity is a new feature within R2DA that allow a player or zombie to be resistant to certain aspects of the game.

Basic Immunities

Damage Immunity

This immunity was added in v0.6.1.

This can be triggered by:

  • Punching.
  • Kicking.
  • Swinging a melee weapon.
  • Blocking.
  • Drinking Panama Punch.

This grants immunity to the basic claw attack from the Normal Zombie, Ticker, Edgar and Swarmer but not much else.

All melees — except the Defibrillator — supply damage immunity.

During Rapid Infection, melee weapons do not grant their usual immunities. However, Punching and Kicking still do.

AI Edgars bypass the Immunity, meaning you will still get hurt in the process of using a melee.

Forcefield Immunity

This can be triggered though:

  • Being a survivor:
    • At the beginning of every round.
    • After being revived by a Defibrillator.
  • Being a zombie:
    • As a Brute (or Charged Brute) by holding Q at the expense of 20 energy per second.
    • As a Stalker by holding E at the expense of 20 energy per second.
  • As either:
    • By ranking up at any point in the round.

This grants immunity to most attacks except:

  • Being caught by an Edgar, Stalker or Leaper.
  • Being stunned and knockback effects.
  • Fire damage (if the effect is still there after the immunity wears off).
  • Falling out of the world.
  • Touching environmental hazards.
  • Frozen (for example by the Ice Gun or Ice Staff).

Prominent examples of environmental hazards include the surrounding terrain in Terminal Decay and scaling the cliffs in Mogadishu Transit. In v0.9.9, this immunity was extended to protect you from being knock-backed and from being tripped.

Chronos XI receives one whenever he uses Laser Storm and when the round initially starts. This prevents him from being killed too easily since he isn't directly attacking anything.

Similar to Godmode Immunity.

Vehicle Immunity

This immunity was added in v0.6.8.

Previously, by sitting down in the Helicopter, you became completely immune to damage. However, you were still vulnerable to:

At one point, this immunity was bugged allowing Normal Zombies to simply claw to kill survivors. This was fixed.

With the new helicopter (and the Bus, Stargate and Private Jet, when they were added), you are teleported to a stage where no zombies can reach you, basically making you invincible.

Entering the Subway Train, in Subway, will allow one to become immune to explosions from outside the train. This is similar to when explosions do not go through walls in No Mercy Hospital and Farmhouse.

Incendiary Immunity

This immunity allows these mobs to be resistant to incendiary damage and applies to:

This immunity also applies to survivors with the Firevest and Pumpkin Vest.

An Elemental is actually healed by most fires. Firevest and Pumpkin Vest users aren't immune to their own Molotovs or Jerry Cans.

Tickers used to be immune to the Flamethrower but are no longer immune after v1.3.4.

Knockback Immunity

This immunity applies specifically to a Brute against a Fire Extinguisher. If used in an attempt to push the Brute back, it won't work. The Forcefield Immunity also protects from knockbacks.

This technically also applies to the Elemental, but it usually kills it before any knockback is applied.

This also applies to the Skull Champion. It also cannot be tripped or frozen.

Trolley Immunity

This immunity was added in v0.6.4.

By sitting down, you become immune to a Brute's club. However, all other damage is still fair game.

Fall Damage Immunity

This immunity mostly applies towards the Jetpack. All zombies are immune to fall damage.

This was first used when the DEMO version of the Jetpack was introduced. This version of the Jetpack mitigated slight fall damage. However, if your arms started flailing, you would still take some damage. This trait was later updated, meaning the Jetpack was no longer immune to fall damage.

The Cakepack, Parasol and Duck Mount prevent all fall damage, in a somewhat animated way, slowing your character down. The Modern Jetpack prevents all fall damage, without the need of slowing you down. However, if you lose your Jetpack, at a distance away from the ground, you will still take damage.

Using Boo Blast will give you fall damage reduction, which is almost an immunity.

In Papa Squid's Treasure, all survivors are immune to fall damage.

Bone Sword Immunity

This immunity was added in v1.2.4.

Pressing "E" will negate melee damage and most effects. It will also mitigate damage from the Snowball.

Does not include damage from the Chainsaw as it has the Break Block trait.

Whenever the Skellie blocks, they also receive immunity to most things, except fire and thrown projectiles.

Pinned Immunity

This immunity was added in v1.4.9.

Currently only the Edgar Necklace has the pinned immunity.

The pinned immunity allows the user to be immune to:

Other Immunities

Admin Forcefield Immunity/God Mode

The only people who have access to this immunity is PlaceRebuilder and admins.

This immunity is accessed by a command which then put a forcefield on you. All damage will not affect you but you may be affected by some Status Effects, similar to the Forcefield Immunity.

Heavy abuse of this in R2D 2014 by hackers led to the decline of the game.

Video evidence can be seen here.

Explosive Immunity

So far, this immunity applies to:

As explosives do high damage, this was added in so that they couldn't be defeated so easily.

With this immunity, you cannot damage these mobs with any item or weapon that deals explosive damage.

The Flakvest grants 80% explosive resistance, but not total immunity.

Melee Immunity

So far, this immunity applies to:

Melee weapons do not affect these bosses. You can still kick and punch, though.

Pipebomb Immunity

This allows you to resist a Pipebomb and the way it forced you to go in its direction. This also applies to other repulsion/attraction items like the Phial of Galadriel and Clockbomb. This only applies to the Skull Champion.

Prior to v0.6.8, this was a scrapped immunity that was implemented on the Leaper. Additionally, some AIs aren't attracted to the Pipebomb, though they aren't said to have Pipebomb Immunity.

Trip Immunity

This allows you to resist the tripping and knockback effect from any type of source (though not any damage associated with it).

Currently this only applies to the Brute and Skull Champion for zombies.

As of v1.4.9, only the Badland Cola has a passive trip immunity for survivors. However, it does not have knockback immunity.

Removed Immunities

Idle Immunity

This was an unintentional immunity that applied to Idle mobs that existed from v0.9.3 to v1.0.2.

A mob, while in Idle mode, could not be stunned in any way, shape or form. Knockback, however, still applied.