Idle is a feature that was implemented in v0.9.3. which allows a player's zombie to be controlled by an AI.

By simply saying "idle" in the chat as a zombie, the game will take over your zombie and control it until you intervene at any point in time.

An example of it being used can be found here.


  • Use this if you need to get away from your PC/Mac, or you generally just don't feel like playing for the round.
    • If you do plan on strengthening your zombie in a certain area, you best interrupt the system before you level up.
  • The AI will chase the nearest player and will take the necessary steps to get there.
    • This system isn't perfect and will get stuck on various objects from time-to-time.
    • Even after this system kills a survivor, it will not change targets and just make you stand on the body.
      • You have to intervene. Until the body despawns, the system will just direct you back to the corpse.
      • If the person Zombifies, you can expect your zombie to still target them.
  • You can still jump, sprint and use your basic claw attack while in Idle mode. It won't turn off with you doing so.
  • After 30 seconds of no movement, you will automatically go into Idle mode.
    • This only works while you are a regular zombie, a Ticker, a Leaper or a Digger.
      • If you spawn as anything else, Idle won't kick in, even after 30 seconds.
      • If you have Idle enabled, you will only spawn as a Normal Zombie.
      • This goes into effect if you've been AFK for a while you are on the menu, Auto Ready is enabled in Settings and you are a zombie for that round.
  • Idle technically makes you impervious to the effects of the Flash.
    • It's mostly visual impairment and you will still continue going towards its prey regardless, so long you negate the stun effects.


  • This feature shares similarities with AI Zombies in R2D 2014.
  • Idle zombies used to be stun-proof and trip-proof, which was a glitch that lasted from v0.9.3 to v1.0.2.
  • As of v1.0.1, Idle now spawns and works with Leapers and Diggers.

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