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This item/feature has been removed.
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Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

Icy Wonderland

"Delicious Hot Coco! The Taste Of Christmas!"
―A lost baby near the doors


The main Quest map for R2DA Christmas Event 2020. This is the quest you will have to do to defeat Frigice and unlock P3NG-W1N.

Background Story

It seemed like a broken record. Into a new ice themed obstacle course, defeat the boss, return with some loot. I never liked the cold, but the trips for the loot inside were worth the journeys. Each time we returned, something always changed. Last year it was a literal gun, left over from military organizations probably trying to civilize the barren wasteland. Evidently it didn't work, seeing as hundreds were left and salvaged.

But this year, something seemed off. There were unconfirmed reports that something ancient lie within the snow this year. Something that was hidden in the ice for thousands upon thousands of years, likely dating to the ancient caveman. It only became free just now after another supposed monster escaped to this barren white wasteland helped it out.

Well, whatever it is, we can only hope some bullets will destroy it. That usually solves everything. Then its onto that other thing. Hope the bullets do the charm there too!

- Unknown Survivor's Journal Entry


Mobs: Punk Fish (Obstacle 1), Cake Turret (Obstacle 2), Gingerbread Minion (Obstacle 4, Obstacle 7), Frigice (Obstacle 8)

  • Obstacle 1 - Ice River - Use the moving icebergs to hop accross the river, avoiding the Punk Fish on the dock at the end.
  • Obstacle 2Wall of Doors - Much like previous Christmas Quests, except there's less floors than usual, having only 3 floors of 4 doors. 3 doors teleport you to the bottom while one teleports you ahead. Meanwhile there will be Cake Turrets spawning from the big white present by the doors that will attack you.
  • Obstacle 3 - Twist-Freeze Caverns - Make your way across a cavern of twisted ice bridges, while using 2 Big Gifts to place down on mechanisms to open a big door at the end. There's also a key hanging off a large white chain you must grab to open it. Regular Chests and frozen Tickets will be scattered across the cave.
  • Obstacle 4 - Icicle Tunnel - Move down the tight tunnel while avoiding icicles as they fall down and fling survivors. There will also be a strange device at the bottom of the tunnel that will shoot bright orbs that freeze survivors.
    • Detour 1 - Chest - To the left is a small room with Tickets and a Chest.
    • Detour 2 - Gingerbread Ambush - 4 Gingerbread Minions will be waiting to attack survivors. Be cautious when fighting these as you are in an enclosed space.
  • Obstacle 5 - Boat Door - A door on the wall requires a key to be opened, but teamwork must be used to reach it first.
    • Detour 1 - Key Jump - Grab the key hanging off the large white chain, similar to the one in Twist-Freeze Caverns.
    • Detour 2 - Button - A button will be at the end of a small hallway, pressing it activates pillars that will rise in the room with the door that allows your team to progress.
  • Obstacle 6 - Tripwire - A tripwire hangs in the doorway to the boat. Activating it will cause a large explosion, likely killing a horde of survivors if everyone's bunched up near it. Take caution and avoid the tripwire by jumping over it.
  • Obstacle 7 - Boat Gauntlet - Ride the large boat in the ravine to reach the end of the river, but be careful as you will be attacked by several hordes of Gingerbread Minions.
    • Detour 1 - Button 1 - Use the small icebergs to press a button that opens a large door, allowing the boat to progress.
    • Detour 2 - Button 2 - Use the icebergs to reach a ledge on the wall to press a button that opens the path to the final part of the quest.
    • Detour 3 - Bonus - Several Tickets and Chests rest on a heightened ledge at the end of the river. Use any spare time you have to reach it and collect its rewards.
  • Obstacle 8 - Frigice Showdown - Face off against Frigice on its small island. Once defeated, it will drop several Tickets and Chests, signaling the completion of the quest and unlocking P3NG-W1N's Toyland.


  • When things gets too stunning, equip a Badland Cola in order to immunize it.
    • Remember to keep the high gravity increase in mind.
  • Equip crowd control weapons before starting the Quest, because there will be a lot of Gingerbreads at the Boat Gauntlet.
  • Bring a Lantern, Flamey, or Molotov to defrost the frozen tickets and thaw out other players.
  • Karambit and Grappling Hook are banned here. Don't waste a weapon slot trying to equip them.
  • Don’t step on the tripwire; it will kill you and others close to the wire.
    • Be careful around it, as trolls might intentionally trigger it to kill you.
    • To combat this, bring a Flakvest to greatly reduce the amount of damage you take from the explosion.
  • If you want to take a risk and hop on the water over to the buttons, healing items such as Acorn and Medkit are useful, if you want extra time so you don’t die easily, then you can wear Flakvest.
  • Make sure to bring an item that gives you infinite stamina like the Candy Cane, because once someone enters the doorway at the end of the Boat Gauntlet, a 30-second countdown will trigger for players to reach Frigice's arena before they are instantly killed.
    • People often reach the doorway before everyone else by quest skipping, which is BANNABLE, so don't do it.
  • There’s a way you can skip the door part: Jump on the pine tree, then to the next platform, and then jump the cliff to the final yellow spawn. However, you still need to guess the second door.
  • Cake Turrets can easily be farmed as they don't pose any danger.
    • Unless you somehow get tripped to the water then they can be a threat.
  • Watch out for anyone using water balloon in Twist-Freeze Caverns for the path is very narrow and the puddle can be hard to see.
  • Using throwable weapons such as Ice Sledge, Rambo Knife, Christmas Spear or throwable items can be able to activate buttons. Keep in mind they are affected by gravity and you have to do it on high ground and or a clear space.
    • Those can also trigger the tripwire. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as you could use it to your advantage by setting it off early to remove the threat of losing teammates, or trolls can trigger it when lots of people are nearby to get them killed.
  • Gingerbread Minions die instantly when they fall into the water. Use it to your advantage.
    • They don't drop tickets when they die in water.
    • However, if there are many Gingerbread Minions together, they will bridge off of each other and can possibly follow you onto land.
    • You can skip the boat part by climbing up a cliff. However, this was unintended and you can get banned for it.


  • Every obstacles including the Boat Gauntlet are heavily inspired from a level from Spongebob's Truth or Square.
  • The map is an amalgamation of every past Christmas Quest, you'll find a lot of similarities to it.