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This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Melee Smash? More like easy win for me!"
― Unknown Survivor


The Ice Sledge is an event melee weapon that is received upon opening the Green Gift (2019). It takes the appearance of Frosty Jr.'s hammer. It can also be thrown, dealing a small blast radius, freezing enemies within it.

Background Story

After the intense fight against the Gatekeeper's successor, the survivors celebrated their victory. While partying all night along with the treasures they found in the abandoned village, a survivor noticed the massive Ice Sledge that was left there without anyone else caring about it. He wondered if the Ice Sledge could somehow become their weapon against the ever-increasing threat of zombies due to its abilities. After much research and reworking, he was able to recreate a smaller yet quite effective version of Frosty Jr.'s Ice Sledge, that was light enough to carry and throw. He gave these hammers to the members who fought with him during the battle.


  • It is recommended you have a reliable primary weapon with you, if you bring the Ice Sledge.
    • Once you throw it, you are vulnerable for 6 seconds.
  • This isn't ideal in taking out singular zombies due to high energy consumption.
  • Don't throw the weapon continuously.
    • While it is a good throwable, it has lots of potential as a plain hammer.
  • The Ice Sledge is very effective against a Brute. If you throw it at them, they will be frozen, even if they are using their forcefield.
  • A thrown Ice Sledge blast radius can hit mobs or survivors anywhere in the radius. No obstacle will block it off, meaning you can hit enemies that are near corners or climbing ladders.
    • The blast radius will not destroy windows or breakable items.
    • Due to the sizeable blast radius when thrown, underwater zombies can be damaged and be launched upwards.
      • However, if you have an RPG or M202 on you, they are far better at clearing out underwater zombies.
  • Try going for direct hits when throwing, direct hits deal about 140 damage.
  • The Ice Sledge has a reduced freeze time in comparison to other ice weapons, try to keep this in mind while using this.
  • This weapon is ideal in Melee Smash due to it having fast swing rate, damage, throwing capabilities and a blast radius that knocks back mobs and survivors.
    • The Ice Sledge can one shot a survivor in Melee Smash, if it is thrown with a direct hit.
      • Bear in mind that the 6 second cooldown to get the Ice Sledge back may be your undoing.
      • Have another melee (such as the Katana) to combat this.
  • You can use this against Elementals as it will trip them instead of freezing them.
  • Be careful when using this indoors, as sometimes the knockback can cause an enemy to go at alarming speeds.


  • Trip
  • Throwable
  • Freeze when thrown
  • Rapid Swing Rate


  • Gift Exclusive
  • High Energy Usage
  • Slow Recovery



  • v1.4.1
    • Rank (as a prestige) changed from 12 to 0.

  • A returning Melee from 2014.
  • The Ice Sledge is the same weapon Frosty Jr. uses in Gate Keeper II but shrunken down to the size of a survivor's hand.
  • The Ice Sledge is the third overall ice melee in R2DA, after the Ice Staff and Frost Knuckles.
  • The Ice Sledge is the second throwable event melee.
  • The Ice Sledge is the second event melee to have a blast radius.
    • The first was the Toy Hammer, although it can't be thrown.
  • This Ice Sledge's freeze effect is the same length as a normal trip, as opposed to be slightly longer.
    • This is most likely for balancing reasons.
  • This uses the same sound as the Brute's club and has a similar gravity effect to it.
    • The blast radius is similar to the Toy Hammer Super Smash.