This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Never thought that we could make a rhi-snow our pet after the chaos it put us through the last time we saw it."
―Waifu Magnet Mk XVIII


The Ice Rhino is a miniature RC version of the Rhi-snow that you can ride. It is a mount that you can use by pressing the "M" key on your keyboard, in-game. Use it when you are out of stamina and need a quick boost of speed.

Background Story

All survivors know of a rumour that tells of some unknown power granting them gifts, small pockets of happiness, during times of festivity. Sometimes what they contain is less than satisfactory, but sometimes what they contain is something that no other "manufacturer" could grant. In the case of the Ice Rhino, the latter is certainly true. Some may remember the original, monstrous form of this now kind creature, who may be summoned whenever and wherever it is required.


  • The Mini Crab is faster than the Ice Rhino, but the jump is less.
    • If you have both, try to adapt each to their situation.
      • The Mini Crab is more useful throughout, however, the Ice Rhino is better in maps where jumping is a commonplace, such as R2DA Wipeout.
  • Press "M" to spawn or despawn the Ice Rhino.
    • You can despawn the Ice Rhino by equipping anything.
    • Note: you must equip the Ice Rhino in the mounts section which is in the Store under the items tab.
  • Sprinting is slightly faster than the Ice Rhino, but the Ice Rhino can move further with more time.
  • Use the Ice Rhino when you are trying to escape from enemies, but have no stamina.
    • If you own this, you might as well use it instead of just walking, as it saves stamina from running and it's faster than walking.
  • While equipped, you jump higher yet you take less stamina when compared to the regular jump.
  • There is a cooldown to spawning the Ice Rhino. During that cooldown, if you try to spawn the Ice Rhino, a message will display, stating "Can't spawn right now".
    • This message is also displayed when the player tries to spawn the Ice Rhino in water.
  • This is recommended in Melee Smash and Free Brawl since you would not need to waste stamina on running.
  • You are not immune to fall damage riding the Ice Rhino, so be careful.
    • You can't punch on it either.
  • There is a rare bug, that if you sprint, then equip the mount, it will still consume your stamina.
    • Speed is also lowered in this state.
  • This is also useful on the Yeti's Quest, as it can jump from platform to platform.
  • You can only use the Toy Sword on the Ice Rhino.



  • v1.1.9
    • Jump changed from 60 to 62.
    • Speed changed from 22 to 20.

  • The Ice Rhino is based on the Rhi-snow boss.
    • They both use nearly the same mesh, though Ice Rhino's legs are shaped slightly differently.
  • This is the first mount to be added into R2DA.
    • This is the third mount to be added in the entire R2D series as the Bunny Mount (from R2D 2014) was the first and the XR500 Turret (from R2D Xbox) was second.
  • If you climb ladders with the Ice Rhino out, he will piggyback ride you.
  • Before v1.0.9b, you could reset as a human, press "M" to equip mount, then Zombify. You can use the mount as a zombie this way.
  • Before v1.0.9b, you could walk on killable areas while riding on the Ice Rhino.
    • This did not include swimming, however.
  • Spawning the Ice Rhino while opening a chest will allow you to walk around while opening it.
    • The same applies for most mounts.
  • Emotes on the mount work normally as if the mount isn't here.

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