Hot Potato is an exclusive gamemode that challenges players in surviving Clockbombs that are being carried by a random player. The rounds will repeat until one player stands victorious. This gamemode doesn't allow weapons, items (both from the Store and from the In-Game Store) and even mounts.


  • Hide far away from Clockbomb carriers.
    • However, it may be difficult to give the bomb to other players if you start as the bomb carrier in the next round.
  • If you carry the bomb, you can trap other players in certain places.
    • For example, when the bomb explodes shortly, you can jump from a high place and give it to another player.
  • Think tactically. Getting the bomb while it is 30 seconds away from exploding means you have enough time to give it to another player, while at 1 second, you do not have enough time to give it away.
    • It may be favourable to get the bomb early during a round to get the opportunity to give it away later on.
  • When seeking out for the bomb, kick, not punch as this increases your hitbox to get the bomb.
    • When you have the bomb try to keep little distance from players to either give them the bomb and run away, or to kill them with you.
  • Whenever possible try juking the bomber if they're chasing after you.
  • Stay away from broken pieces of glass if you have low HP. Do not take risks when carrying the bomb or running away from the bomb.
  • You can slow down the bomb carrier to further improve your chance of survival by either moving unpredictably, closing the door behind you or jumping to high grounds which will make the chaser have a hard time catching up to you.
  • Gaining the Clockbomb will reward you with infinite stamina for a while.
  • Mounts are completely banned here.
  • Do not expend stamina when you are not in a threatening situation.
    • Use stamina only when a person with a Clockbomb is chasing you.
  • You should only attempt to give the bomb to another player if you think you can get away from them as fast as possible. The Clockbomb will not only kill anyone holding it but will also kill any player nearby.
    • The bomb carrier will always respawn with full health so long they get at least one Clockbomb kill.
    • Additionally, a Prestige players may survive an explosion, so long they have enough health to do so.
  • Try to explode other players as well when you are using the clock bomb, if you kill someone else because of the explosion of the clockbomb, then you will respawn.


  • This is the second Gamemode that doesn't support mounts, after Gun Game.
  • Interestingly, while this is not a PvP gamemode, you get 10$ per kill if you are holding the Clockbomb.

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