Hot Potato is an exclusive gamemode that challenges players in surviving Clockbombs that are being carried by a random player. The rounds will repeat until one player stands victorious. This gamemode doesn't allow weapons, items (both from the Store and from the In-Game Store) and even mounts.


  • Hide far away from Clockbomb carriers.
    • However, it may be difficult to give the bomb to other players if next round, the bomb comes to you.
  • If you carry the bomb, you can trap other players in certain places.
    • For example, when the bomb explodes shortly, you can jump from a high place and give it to another player.
  • Think tactically. Getting the bomb while it is 30 seconds away from exploding means you have enough time to give it to another player, while at 1 second, you do not have enough time to give it away.
    • It may be favourable to get the bomb early during a round to get the opportunity to give it away later on.
  • When seeking out for the bomb, kick. not punch as this increases your hitbox to get the bomb.
    • When you have the bomb try to keep little distance from players to either give them the bomb to kill them with you.
  • Whenever possible try juking the bomber if they're chasing after you.
  • Stay away from broken pieces of glass if you have low HP. Do not take risks when carrying the bomb or running away from the bomb.
  • To better escape from the bomb carrier, close the doors behind you and slow down the carrier.
  • Gaining the Clockbomb will reward you with infinite stamina for a while.
  • Mounts are completely banned here.
  • Do not expend stamina when you are not in a threatening situation.
    • Use stamina only when a person with a Clockbomb is chasing you.


  • This is the second Gamemode that doesn't support mounts, after Gun Game.
  • Interestingly, while this is not a PvP gamemode, you get 10$ per kill if you are holding the Clockbomb.

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