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The Holosight is an attachment for the HK416 and the SCAR-H that gives a little more range and accuracy than the Ironsights, but at a price.

Background story

Ever since the release of the modernised gun known typically as the HK416, multiple complaints since then have been sent R-Brain Hardwork about how it performed quite poorly in use. After the given backlash, they decided to add an attachment to the gun so that that survivor's accuracy will have increased to kill those pests known as Zombies. A downside of the addition is that it didn't include free shipping, unlike its predecessor, the Ironsight.

When the SCAR-H was manufactured, R-Brain Hardwork saw this as an opportunity and decided to start shipping it for the big boys who wanted that extra edge in battle.


  • Although this will give increased accuracy and range, don't try to shoot at long ranges, even with this attachment.


  • Named "Reddot sight" in-game.
  • This attachment has a similar sightmark to that of the RedDot, which was one of the removed Custom Sightmarks in the game.
    • Don't confuse them however, they're very different.
  • This is the first sight, that isn't an Ironsight, that can be attached onto something else other than a sniper rifle outside of DEMO.
  • The Holosight seems to be based on the CompM4 Aimpoint.