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"Line UP! Single FILE! 21 Gun Salute! Present Arms! FIRE!"


The Highpose attachment is an animation modifier for Barrett 50 Cal. The Barrett is carried across the chest parallel, instead of perpendicular to it.

Background Story

Some survivors decided to give completely unnecessary lessons on how to carry the Barrett 50 Cal. sniper in a different way. For $10,000. All that just to slightly lift up your arm.


  • It does not benefit you in anyway shape or form.
    • This can, however, aid in shooting over walls that are chest height.
    • This can also aid in getting headshots as the bullet track starts from above torso height.
  • Occupies the Faster Reload slot.
    • If you want a better attachment, go for that.


  • Sixth animation attachment to give "Cool Factor".
    • Seventh overall, counting the Tune.