The High Speed Train is a mobile vehicle that travels along the border of Shoot'em Up Town and stops at three different stations. The extreme speed cannot be matched by any user in-game. This is an effective way to get around the map quickly and safely.


  • At the start of a round, the train can fling you off or can be found zooming backwards.
    • This is much more unlikely with recent updates.
  • The train might be too fast and throw you off as it turns corners.
    • Crouching is advised in order to avoid being flung off.
    • This is another reason not to go AFK on the train.
  • In Team Deathmatch, be careful of users waiting at the next stop.
    • In general, just be careful of mobs waiting at your destination.
  • The train is useful for running away from zombie hordes.
    • Using the train is recommended for camping at the island with the school. If you are located by zombies, you can get on a train and speed off onto the main island.


  • This is the first mobile non-rescue vehicle.
  • This train is specifically a mono-train, as it rides on one track.

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