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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

High Bye Die

"Totally fair and not rigged!"


High Bye Die is the Christmas 2019 Quest. This is the quest you will have to do before fighting Frosty Jr.

Background Story

After hearing rumours about Frosty Jr., the veteran survivors, along with new recruits, decided to check out the place where they left Frosty for dead. However, something odd happened when they travelled the path they took to get to the gates.

Upon waking up, they noticed that they were in a completely different place, filled with dangerous obstacles that the gatekeeper had made for himself so that he couldn't be reached easily. The "ice" was actually made of hard, thick glass that can never be destroyed by man-made tools/weapons. Some were afraid of the path ahead. Others were confused on what to do next. But everyone couldn't get rid of the sense of déjà vu that they felt in this place.

It's as if they've been here before but it was still different from what they could remember. Though one thing was certain, Frosty was back and they must travel with their heads held high to defeat him once again... but the survivors weren't aware of the dangers that waited ahead.


Mobs: Punk Fish (Obstacle 4), Papa G. (Obstacle 6), Gingerbread Minion (Obstacle 6)

  • Obstacle 1Sledge Run 2.0 - Spawn a Sleigh by pressing the button, where you slide down a slope. Be aware that you can fall off of the track. A chest appears behind where you spawn.
  • Obstacle 2Wall of Doors - Similar to previous Christmas Quests, there are 6 floors, each having 4 doors. 3 of those doors will teleport you back to the start of the obstacle, while one correct door will teleport you up.
  • Detour 1 - Chests - On either side of Obstacle 2 there are chests that you can get.
  • Obstacle 3 - Frostbite Tunnel: The Platforms - Jump from iceberg to iceberg, including the moving ice blocks. Some of the icebergs sink, so be wary. There are also snowball launchers that will knock you into the water.
  • Obstacle 4 - Frostbite Tunnel: Punk Fish Bridge - Navigate across the bridge, which will be destroyed by Punk Fishes.
  • Obstacle 5Frostbite Tunnel: Present Transport - Nearing the end of the tunnel, there are 2 paths where 2 Big Gifts must be placed on pressure plates. Those pressure plates are at the end of each path, alongside some frozen Tickets and two Regular Chests at either end. The left path involves some parkour, jumping onto icebergs and avoiding snowball launchers. There are also some icebergs that sink and a grey platform that will kill you if you step onto it. The right path is a Raft moving towards the pressure plate, with ice spikes falling towards the raft.
  • Obstacle 6Papa G. Bread Showdown - Fight Papa G. Once defeated, it will drop 6 tickets and give you access to the Frosty Jr.



  • Bringing anything that can boost your stamina can help.
  • You can use the Flamethrower to melt the frozen Tickets to collect them.
  • There are Punk Fish that can knock you off the bridge at Obstacle 4 if you aren't careful.
    • Using the Christmas Spear can activate the Punk Fish. Throw the spear about 4 times before continuing.
      • Alternatively, you can wait until all parts of the bridge path are fully destroyed before proceeding.
  • Be wary of the icicles on Obstacle 5. If they land on or near you, you can be frozen and knocked back, which will lead to your death.
  • Be wary of certain platforms that sink in the Frostbite Tunnel if you stand on them for too long.
  • When on the Sleighs, jump out quickly if you feel that you are going to fall off.
    • You can collect Tickets along the way as well. The Magnet is advised for this.
  • When 3 minutes are elapsed, a death wall appears in the Frostbite Tunnel and anyone not in tunnel will die.
    • It progresses to the Papa G. arena, so try not to take too long on the quest.


  • The avatar of TheSopwithCamel can be seen upon spawning into the map, completely frozen in an ice block. He is "guarding" a chest.
    • Also seen in the map is the frozen avatar of Lynncol_n who helped to create the map.
      • They cannot be thawed.
  • Also seen are two plushies of MuhdAmmar and PlaceRebuilder near the Wall of Doors.
  • The fighting arena for Obstacle 6 is the Forgotten Cave map but more run-down and neglected.