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Hellish Night manufactures low-tier weapons, based on fictional life.

This specific company produces cheap seasonal goods for a living. Their goods usually get a bad reputation, so to continue their little scheme they like to change their name every now and again to prey on the unwise. Kail's System, Rail's System and TopPot are only some of their aliases. No-one knows their original name.

As the internet is pretty much down, this company chose Hellish Night as a semi-permanent name. Many people nowadays just describe the company as aloof, creating and distributing weapons whenever and wherever they please. They seem to produce a lot of holiday related items.

XmasThing (2).png ToybowButton.png WaterGun (2).png Latern (2).png
ButtonChristmasTree.png ToySwordFromR2d.png UhmbrellaMelleBUTTON.png Boneword.png Xmas Swo- Spear! (2).png AAAAAAA (2).png
ToyHammer (2).png