"Be careful, when you pinch Jacksplot's pennies, they pinch back."


The Healthcoin is an item that can be bought for 20 Tickets. It is a chance item, similar to the Dice.

When you use the Healthcoin, the coin is flipped. It has two faces, one smiley and one sad. If it lands on the smiley face, you heal 35 health. If it lands on the sad face, you lose 35 health.

Background Story

With the release of a useless item, one of the designers at Hellish Night took initiative and made something similar to the product, a coin that sometimes heals and sometimes causes self-damage.

Was it useful? Or was it just another disappointment? Probability dictates that the Healthcoin is neutral, as, give enough time, the amount of times you heal versus the amount of times you take damage is mathematically the same.


  • Unless you have ran out of other healing items, then the Healthcoin should not be used.
  • The Healthcoin should only be used if you have above 70 health remaining. This means that you will not be dangerously low on health, or killed, if the coin lands on the sad face.
  • If you are on extremely low health, and you are about to die anyway, then the Healthcoin can be used as a final gamble.
  • The height at which you throw the Healthcoin does not affect the probability of getting either faces.


  • The Healthcoin is similar to the Coin currency that appeared in DEMO.
  • Strangely, you cannot use the Give Command to get more Healthcoins.

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