Hard is a Gamemode featured in multiple maps. It's essentially the same as Survival (survive 10 minutes). However, 66% of the server is automatically chosen to be zombies, causing teamwork to be crucial on this mode.


  • Teamwork is essential in the Gamemode. Running off without a group will get you killed.
    • Camping may be a solution if you are constantly getting killed.
  • Use the Supply Boxes located around maps to survive longer.
  • Defibrillators come in handy when reviving teammates.
  • The Give Command is essential for survival on this gamemode.
    • The Acorn and Cake are very useful healing items.
    • The Candy Cane and Blueberry Splush (as well as other stamina boosting items) can be very useful in escaping hordes on this gamemode.


  • You used to survive as long as you can, not just for 10 minutes.
  • This wasn't exclusive when implemented, but turned exclusive soon after R2DA's release.
    • Sometime in 2018, it was reverted to non-exclusive.

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