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"I can help you to kill a horrible hard-stubborn infected easier, and also to make their life harder aswell. No need for harder impact. I'm sorry for going too hard on you for the horrible puns"
―Hard Bullet


Hard is another bullet ammunition type, usable on the Remington 700, M1 GarandBarrett 50 Cal. and the Winchester. It can be equipped at various prices per round.

These, unlike other ammunition types, do not need to be equipped by pressing "E" and instead replaces your normal bullets with Hard bullets. They can be reloaded at Ammo Stations, unlike the other ammunition types.

These bullets add 50 more damage per bullet.


  • You do not need to press "E" to enable and disable this.
    • This just replaces your normal bullets and can be reloaded.
  • Use this each round to guarantee the fact you can kill an un-upgraded Normal Zombie, for the Remington 700.
  • This cannot be used in PvP modes, don't bother to try and equip this.


  • This is the first ammunition type that can be reloaded.
    • Also the first ammunition to replace normal ammo.

There is an item that sounds similar.
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