Halloween Quest 2017

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Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"It's that time of the year where we once again, harass Lord Pumpkin Jr for those sweet trollicious pumpkin pies."


This, similar to other maps using the Quest gamemode, involves an Obby full of obstacles. However, a unique part of this map is the mansion at the end of the map.

This map is a part of Quest.

Background Story

Survivors used to reminisce about the strange coincidence of a gigantic pumpkin with mystical powers suddenly popping up during fall.

After defeating that pumpkin, they believed he was gone for good — sadly, this was not the case, as the pumpkin accepted his defeat and took a "tactical retreat".

After around a year or so of preparing himself for his next fight against those dastardly humans, the now slightly more mature orange fruit decided to improve on his old idea of creating a dangerous obstacle course to hinder the survivors' progress.

This time, however, he added a cherry on top — a more competent minion.


MobSkullguards (Obstacle 4), AI Zombies (Obstacle 4)

Obstacle 1 - Gate #1 - Parkour to the gate, with various tripping blocks in the way.

Detour 1 - Gate Button - Parkour to the button that opens the gate, avoiding the red spinner.

Obstacle 2 - The Great Wall - Traverse the wall but be careful of moving blocks.

Detour 2 - Chest Parkour - Transverse pillars and flippers to gain Tickets and 3 chests.

Obstacle 3 - Colour Jumps - You must hop on the correct colored blocks according to the code. The code is random.

Detour 3 - Mansion Button - Transverse pillars to open the gate to the Mansion.

Obstacle 4 - Mansion Skullguards & AI Zombies - You must kill 4 Skullguards to collect keys and open the portal to Lord Pumpkin Jr. At the same time, you are swarmed with AI Zombies.



  • Be aware of parts that might fling you.
  • Don't rush, as it will increase the chance of you likely failing.
  • Try to get a height advantage using the staircase whilst fighting the Skullguards.
  • You may use the Karambit to climb the wall.
    • But DO NOT glitch through walls with it (e.g. Obstacle 1 Gate). That will result in a one-week ban.
  • Reaching the mansion, you should tuck a Pipebomb or Clockbomb with you to lure away the many AI Zombies.
  • If you get knocked down by the Skullguards, do not punch and kick, hold down caps lock as it is much more energy efficient.
  • You can snipe the open gate buttons with a thrown Rambo Knife or an M202 shell; this may be useful if those who try to get the button, get killed.
  • The RPG is a great supportive weapon, apart from giving you tons of Cash.
  • If a Skullguard is attracted to another person, you can easily use the Flamethrower to burn the Skullguard and get the key.


  • Known as "Pumpkin's Quest" in-game.
    • In debug, the map's name was "Lord Pumpkin Jr. Quest" but it was too long, so it was changed to "Pumpkin's Quest"
  • You have infinite stamina, like Halloween Bootcamp (except towards the end of the map).
    • There is a glitch where you don't get the unlimited stamina, which happens if you late spawn.
  • This year's quest uses the same skybox as the previous Halloween quest, which is also known as the Halloween Bootcamp.
  • This is the first quest to have AI Zombies spawn.


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