"You know what that means"


Halloween Costumes 2020 are a Halloween-themed event costume for the Zombies. They can be bought for Robux via Gamepass(es) and equipped via the Mob Skincrate. The Stalker was too scared to join the party.

Background Story

The Zombies are here to celebrate once again!

You know the Edgar didn't get the clothes, or didn't make them itself...

They didn't feel like killing survivors and the actually just came to celebrate,

the spirit never died!

Sadly the Stalker was too scared of their serious costumes to join the Festivities.


  • The Brute is a Jester.
  • The Leaper is a Noir Detective.
  • The Edgar is a Magician.
  • The Ticker is a Paintball Player.
  • The Swarmer is a Candy Thief.
  • The Elemental is a Chef.
  • The Digger is a Police Officer.


  • Most of the costumes are based on Classic Halloween movies.
    • The Brute and Edgar are based on the character "Captain Spaulding".
    • The Digger is based on the generic Police Officer from horror movies.
      • It has a shotgun resembling the Wingmaster 870 strapped around its back.
    • The Swarmer is based on the generic Thief from horror movies.
  • The Stalker was originally planned to be a part of the costume pack by being a traffic guard but has been scrapped due to be the less Halloween related costume from all the rest.
  • All zombies are R6, including the Elemental, which is supposed to be R15.
  • For some unknown reason, the Elemental will still set survivors on fire, even when it is in the Electric form.
  • Various of the features that was planned for the costumes were scrapped in the final version.
    • The Edgar was supposed to drop Playing-Cards when dies.
    • The Brute club was supposed to make Bell Sounds.
    • The Ticker was supposed to have a paintball gun in his tank and the gears would spin.
    • The Swarmer's candy bag would drop candy while running and he would throw a poisoned chocolate bar instead of a beehive.


Ticker - Paintballer.png
Digger - Police Officer.png
Elemental - Chef.png
Brute - Jester.png
Ticker Digger Elemental Brute
Edgar - Magician.png
Leaper - Detective.png
Swarmer - Candy Burglar.png
Edgar Leaper Swarmer Normal Zombie

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