This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Among the gloom, costumed and consumed souls will doom you to your new tomb, soon will be your turn."


During the R2DA Halloween Event 2018, zombies are likely to appear with a costume, namely the Halloween Costumes 2018. Some of them have special visual effects.

Additionally, players can buy costumes with Robux to have a guaranteed 100% chance of having a costume when they appear as a special zombie. They also get to keep the costumes after Halloween. After the event, players who bought the gamepass(es) can equip these costumes via the Mob Skincrate.

Without gamepasses, players have a 10% chance of appearing with the cosmetic effects.

This doesn't have any real benefits, except the cool factor.

Background Story

Although survivors of the SANI virus were saddened that they couldn't celebrate Halloween, they soon started seeing the infected wearing festive clothing. This was a moment they decided that they should not miss, so they decided to celebrate Halloween. The infected didn't seem too hostile either, they seemed like they wanted to celebrate Halloween as well, so they all partied until October was over, and thus, the Halloween spirit never died.


  • The Brute represents Frankenstein's monster.
    • The teslas on the Brute's back charge up and sparkle when charged.
  • The Digger represents an American Football player.
    • This concept was chosen because the Digger trips survivors, similar to a charging football player.
    • When he starts digging, a football pops out from the hole.
    • The team represented is called the New Orleans Saints.
  • The Stalker's costume represents an convict.
    • This is because stalking and kidnapping is illegal.
  • The costume of the Leaper represents the reaper.
  • The Edgar's costume is a mad scientist.
  • The Ticker's costume is an astronaut. It also only has one tank on its back instead of two.
    • The astronaut appears to work for NASA based on the logo and American flag on its arm.
  • The Elemental uses the Axe as part of its Halloween costume, a fireman.
    • It cannot, however, be used to deal damage.
    • This costume contradicts itself since firemen take out fires.
  • The Normal Zombie doesn't have an official costume.


  • Second event costume for the zombie, first being the X-Mas Costumes 2017.
  • First time a zombie skin has been put up as a gamepass.
  • The design of the Leaper's costume brought some problems to the designer.
    • When Rockynic introduced the leaper costume, there was a grim reaper mask. However, PlaceRebuilder refused the costume so as not to scare 7 year old kids. (Old Leaper costume.)
    • The costume used to have a scythe hanging on the back of the Leaper but it's not present in the game for unknown reasons.
  • Rockynic has exclusive permission to have the full pack for free for his help in designing the costumes.
  • In Debug, the skins were not permanent and cost 25R$ per skin.
  • Unlike the X-Mas Costumes 2017, these don't drop Tickets.


Ticker Stalker Elemental Brute
Digger Edgar Leaper

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