"Such a Halloween aesthetic I say! It makes your weapon look like a nerf gun!"


Halloween is a limited-edition skin series made for, unsurprisingly, Halloween. They cannot be found in normal Skincrates. You can only receive these within specific crates that belong to Lord Pumpkin Jr. and Pumpkinator, namely the Halloween Skincrate.

It mainly features the colours yellow, green and orange. Such warm colours are usually associated with Halloween, hence the name.


  • It's the first series of skins in R2DA to be served as a limited item.
  • First holiday theme skin, not including the cancelled Candy Cane skin for the M202.
  • Halloween skins from 2017 are referred in-game as "Halloween 2017".
    • You do not need to buy them from 2017 for the skins to be named Halloween 2017.
HST.png Steyr M - Halloween.png HSS.png Rambo - Halloween.png M249-Halloween.png HSM.png
Toy Bow Steyr M Shovel Rambo Knife M249 Minigun
HSK.png 1bc031184acb156c7e9b9e0ea99904a0.png Scar-Halloween.png Uzi-Haloween.png Luger P08 - Halloween.png HK416-Halloween.png
Karambit DB Shotgun SCAR-H Mini Uzis Luger P08 HK416
Shotty - Halloween.png Spas - Halloween.png
AK47 - Halloween.png
Shotty 12 Spas-12 AK-47

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