This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Thats your head. You have no brain dumbass!"


The more you kill, the less your sanity works. The Hallowed Pumpkin is a armor that Levels-Up and makes you stronger depending of how much you kill during a round.

Background Story

It took survivors years to figure out the true potential of pumpkins, because most of the time it was either destroying an overgrown squash metallic or not metallic. From a group of survivors, one survivor ended up carving into a pumpkin for Halloween for a nice jack o' lantern. But something was off. Some ethereal force called to him. He swore he heard whispers calling for him to put it on. He carved the bottom of his jack o' lantern and he put it on. Suddenly, he wasn't himself anymore. His soul became tethered to the jack o' lantern. He was looking for something, and he had a taste of blood for it. In a deadly frenzy he rushed into a horde, killing many of them. But his search for blood wasn't over. He ran into the night, his soul hallowed, his mind set, and with only one destiny. A survivor quoted "That look in his eyes. Something isn't right about him." His last words as he ran in the search of undead blood was "I won't be back, but the night is young. Time for a slaughter!"


  • +Incorporated increase your stats every 5 kills, capping out at 100 kills.
    • You gain +10 HP, +5 Stamina, and +1.5 Punch & Kick Damage every 5 kills
  • Pipebomb and Clockbomb are recommended to upgrade your armor fast.
    • Although you can use explosive weapons such as the RPG, it isn't advised because your low health pool can easy get you killed depending how close you are to the explosive.
  • Keep a safe distance to your enemies by using medium to high range weapons such as: P90 and/or Barrett 50 Cal.
  • In PvP gamemodes isn't recommended as it's likely people will take advantage of your health and the inability to get enough kills to have a effect.
  • If you want to benefit from your increased MMA damage, equip Frost Knuckles and bring Trick o' Treat Bag to boost your damage potential.


  • Positive affects. Level 5+
  • Incorporated ability (level up)
  • Low to large amounts of heath and stamina


  • Negative affects until level 5
  • Event Exclusive
  • Punching and kicking only does half damage


  • The Hallowed Pumpkin is the first armor to have a "Level Up" feature.
    • Also the first armor to reduce punch and kick damage.
  • The armor's ability is based off the Infinity Franchise from LISA: The Pointless.
    • In the game, a person grows in power and goes to another "fold" after getting a number of consecutive kills.
    • +Incorporated is a reference to the Franchise's supernatural ability to make anyone bloodthirsty after wearing their signature uniforms.
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