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The HK416 is a hard-hitting automatic carbine that brings with it decent range and a relatively fast reload time, along with an uncommon perk - bullet penetration. However, it was hurt due to its low magazine size and not-so-great accuracy. Consider taking its alternative, the M1A1 Thompson, if you want a gun that is more friendly towards missing shots and more reliable. The Thompson is for longevity with its higher ammo count with the Drum Mag attachment, while the HK416 is for tearing apart hordes with its penetration ability.

Background Story

As demand for more weapons climbed higher, R-Brain Hardwork hastily put forward the production of the HK416, kindly provided by the people who used to run the German weapon manufacturing company Heckler & Koch. Several improvements were made, with a larger calibre used (which forced them to decrease the magazine size) and a few other adjustments.

When the HK416 was first released to the public, it was widely panned due to its poor range and accuracy, worsened by the fact that R-Brain Hardwork had the absolute genius idea to change the barrel that made the gun even less accurate.

The release of the Holosights and the Extended Magazines partially averted these criticisms, but nonetheless, the HK416 is considered one of the least desirable weapons. Many survivors say that the HK416s before the virus was 100% better. Maybe they are not wrong.

Eventually, R-Brain Hardwork finally pushed out major reforms in their manufacturing that would see the rise in the quality of some of their existing weapons, one of which being the HK416 which was infamous for its remarkably poor quality during its initial release. Although the calibre had to be sacrificed in favour of modifying its barrel and inner mechanisms to improve accuracy and rate of fire, it has nonetheless made the HK416 more respected among the survivors.


  • This is a close range weapon, treat it as such.
  • This can penetrate through a zombie, meaning you can hit two zombies with one bullet. Use this to your advantage.
    • Because of this, this is best used on hordes. For singular zombies, use a reliable secondary such as the CK Swat.
  • Compared to Thompson's damage (300 HP/sec) this weapon can boast an 840 HP/sec (if all bullets hit two zombies).
  • Due to its low amount of ammunition, be near Ammo Stations.
  • This gun has a large spread. Remember to ADS and fire in short controlled bursts.
    • Crouching helps further as well.
  • During PvP game modes, such as Free For All, the high DPS will shred through opposing players.
    • This gun easily tears through zombies in Single Player with its penetration ability as they all run in a straight line.
    • The pierce ability will also help during Team Deathmatch allowing you to take down masses of players in one mag, so long you use this gun to its full potential.


  • High Rate of Fire
  • Quick Reload
  • Low Ranked
  • High DPS
  • Hard Impact
  • Automatic


  • Low Total Damage
  • Low Reserve Ammo



  • v1.1.4
    • Rank changed from 12 to 10.
    • Price changed from 22,500$ to 16,000$.
  • v1.2.0
    • Accuracy changed from 50 to 40.
  • v1.3.9
    • Damage changed from 45 to 40.
    • Accuracy changed from 40 to 50.
    • Rate Of Fire changed from 600 to 630.
    • Ammo changed from 16/1 to 20/1.
  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 10 to 12.
  • v1.4.4
    • Accuracy changed from 50 to 60.
  • v1.4.8
    • Accuracy changed from 60 to 90.
    • Range changed from 80 to 90.
  • v1.5.3
    • Range changed from 90 to 95.

  • Uses a similar model to the Classic MP5.
    • It also has similar stats to the R2D 2014 - 2017 MP5 after v1.3.9.
  • Third weapon to penetrate through zombies, not including the Railgun, albeit only two zombies.
    • This is the second automatic able to penetrate through zombies, the first being the M249.
      • This makes the HK416 the first automatic rifle in R2DA to have Hard Impact, as the M249 is a light-machine gun.
  • This gun normally has the ability to fit 30 bullets in a magazine in real life. However, in R2DA it is set to 20 bullets per magazine, most likely for balancing purposes.
  • This, along with the SCAR-H, is currently the most modern weapon in-game, as it started production in the real world in 2004.