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"He has walked through blood in all of time and space."
―The Testimony


The Gunslinger is an exclusive animation attachment for the CK Swat and purchasable for the Peacemaker and Winchester. This changes the idle positioning, reload animation and equipping animation of the weapons. There is no statistical increase if this attachment is equipped.

The CK Swat version of this attachment is restricted to LITTLEROBBY11 and PlaceRebuilder.

Background Story

It's generally assumed that the SANI Virus has a harsh side effect that causes infected individual's mind to hallucinate. Despite having been disproved by K177 scientists numerous times, this erroneous assumption has led to stories and rumours of a man who went insane from these hallucinations. He could only be recognised by an iron mask, a holster belt, a black cape and a cowboy hat.

But then again, it's probably just a survivor who has a knack for dressing up in weird ways in the apocalypse; after all, who's going to judge you for what you are when the world's been plunged into what is essentially anarchy?


  • Only buy this for the comical purposes, since this does not affect the performance of the gun.
    • However, the first shot fired is slightly higher than normal, allowing you to fire over walls, so long you aren't in first person.



  • First exclusive attachment (only applies to the CK Swat).
    • This is also the first animation attachment to change the idle, active and firing position of a weapon.
    • The animation also shortens the reload time for the CK Swat.