Gun Game is a gamemode similar to Team Deathmatch, but you progressively kill players and there are no teams. The more kills you get, the better your weapon gets. After a certain amount of kills with one weapon, you get a different weapon, such as the Skorpion, HK416, etc. You are not allowed to equip armor, nor start with a gun of your choice. You get 10$ per player kill, similar to Team Deathmatch. The player with the most kills will be shown in the top left corner of your screen. First to 45 kills wins.


  • Try to play offensively, as that should lead to a quick win.
    • Of course, being too reckless could leave you dying faster than you can rack up kills.
  • Armor is disabled in this gamemode.
  • Be aware, your forcefield lasts only 2 seconds.
    • There might be spawn killers that can easily kill you. Move away from them as quickly as possible.
  • Adapt to the weapon you just got. It will most likely have widely varying stats to the previous weapon you had.
  • Any attachments (such as the Double Fire or Extended Mags) will be equipped when you receive the gun with said attachment.
    • Any Skins will also be applied.
    • Make sure to bring attachments that you are comfortable with, as it will stay the same for the round.
  • Since everyone has 100/110 health (depending on whether someone is in the Reason 2 Die Community or not), it isn't recommended to equip the Double Fire attachment for the DB Shotgun, since it wastes a shot which could be used on another person. 
  • Using the Give Command will not work in this gamemode.


  • Like Team Deathmatch, you get 10$ per kill.
    • In Debug, the original reward for a kill was 50$ before being reduced to 25$ and then 10$ for the release.
  • Prior to v1.4.2, you required 21 kills, the time limit was 5:30 and the ordering of weapons went like this:

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