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"In the book of Genesis, God once said: "Let there be light, and lots of guns...holy guns.""


Guardian Angel is one of the common skin series in R2DA that can be found within Guardian Skincrates.

The colour palette prominently features white and yellow. All skins have white wings and a neon yellow halo. In addition, all skins create a bright yellow light around the player and will make angelic choir sounds when fired, with the exception of the Minigun and the P90.


  • Unlike other weapon skins that create a neon glow around the user, the one created by the Guardian Angel is not client-sided and can be seen by all players.
  • The Barrett 50 Cal. only has its halo on the Leupold Mark 4.
  • The Guardian Angel skins was originally a suggestion.
M249 - Guardian Angel.png
DB Shotgun - Guardian Angel.png
Peacemakers - Guardian Angel.png
FATAL5 - Guardian Angel.png
RPG - Guardian Angel.png
Minigun - Guardian Angel.png
M249 DB Shotgun Peacemaker FATAL5 RPG Minigun
Barrett 50 Cal. - Guardian Angel.png
Steyr M - Guardian Angel.png
Wingmaster - Guardian Angel.png
Shotty 12 - Guardian Angel.png
Mini Uzis - Guardian Angel.png
Barrett 50 Cal. Steyr M Wingmaster 870 Shotty 12 Mini Uzis P90