This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Grilling a hot, juicy, burger on a hot, sunny day probably isn't the best idea when there are flesh-eating zombies that will smell you and that burger a mile away."


The Grill is a mount that can be bought for 1,499 Tickets or 800R$. You can also get the Grill in the Captain's Bounty. With this little mount, you can heal your pals and yourself by 35 health every time you flip a patty. However, this only has five uses, which can be increased to seven with the Propane. In addition, this mount makes you walk slowly, and you cannot jump while having this mount equipped.

Background Story

Like the Patriots Flag, the Grill was another everyday object that soon held another legendary story.

Many survivors recount the tale of a kind, friendly survivor named Sterlin. He wasn't the best at leading a group, nor was he good with a weapon. However, his optimistic attitude kept morale high during the worst of times. It also turned out that Sterlin was also a great cook. Using cheap Grills he found at an abandoned appliance store, he was capable of making the most delicious burgers anyone had ever tasted. Throughout countless hordes and rescue missions, they could count on Sterlin to cook a tasty hamburger for many injured survivors to help boost their morale.

Unfortunately, Sterlin's time cooking for his precious comrades wouldn't last too long. A vast, dangerous crab appeared out of nowhere while the survivors cleaned up a small island. Sterlin would soon become like his Grill, broken into pieces. While they did avenge his death, the bloodstains on the pool floor led his comrades to grief. Despite the fall of a lovable person, the group decided it was best to commemorate Sterlin as a positive role model of a supporter and spread the story of his precious Grill.

However, the tale ends on a blurry note. No one is certain of what happened to Sterlin's Grill, as some survivors claimed that they still see one of his spare Grills intact on the back of a mechanical crab. Whether it was real or a mirage, only time would tell for a particular group of survivors soon crossing roads with this crab...

...Or they could just build one with a manual. Then again, nowadays, survivors are more dependent on mega-corporations, likes R-Brain Hardwork or Sinister Arms Inc., to supply them with such luxuries. To assume a survivor would build a regular old Grill (or scavenge one, for heaven's sake) for themselves is comparable to trying to find a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow. On second thoughts, maybe the story of Sterlin's Grill was a hoax, considering how easily the Grill's break.


  • Similar to the Acorn and the Patriots Flag, you can use the Grill to heal you and your teammates.
  • The Grill only has five uses. This can be increased to seven if you collide with a dropped Propane.
    • You can only use the Propane once with the Grill.
    • You cannot refill the Grill once it has been broken.
  • It's best to use the Grill in a safe area since it hinders speed greatly.
    • It is also best to use the Grill when you immediately take damage, as opposed to waiting for more damage, then being unable to heal due to a horde.
  • There is a delay between each flip while using the Grill.
    • Make sure you have enough time to heal everybody, while also being able to escape danger.
    • This is best used while your teammates are nearby, as to maximive the heal effect.
  • You are defenceless while using the Grill mount, unless you have the Toy Sword. make sure to have other people nearby defending you.
  • You can use the Toy Sword in conjunction with this.
    • Whenever you click to attack, you also heal yourself.
      • Make sure you don't accidentally waste a use of the Grill trying to attack an enemy.



  • v1.4.7
    • Health restoration increased from 20 to 35.

  • The Grill is the first mount that can heal others.
  • The Grill is the first mount that can be replenished with an item.
  • This is the first mount that can be bought with Tickets.
    • However this is optional, if you want it for free you must beat Captain Crab.

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