This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.



The Green Gift is the Christmas 2018 rare gift. It contains the Frost Knuckles.

If this gift was equipped and clicked before Christmas, your character gives it a little shake and the game tells you, "Can't be open[e]d yet." This will stay in your inventory until you decide to open it.


  • Like the other Christmas 2018 gifts, this cannot spawn in servers with under 10 players.
  • Like all gifts, the Green Gift will only spawn on zombie spawns, so check zombie spawnpoints if looking for this gift.
    • Hard-to-access or far away zombie spawns like parts of Panama Beach makes it harder to pick the gift out.
  • When the gift has not been found after a certain time, a flare will indicate its position.


  • You cannot pick this up if you already have it.
    • You also need to be a survivor to pick this up.
  • First irregular shaped gift, alongside the Pink Gift.
  • It has a spawnrate of 23%, different from last year's Rare Gift.
  • A supposed returning gift from R2D 2014 with the same name.

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