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The Grappling Hook is a weapon that latches on to a solid object, whether it be buildings, walls, or stairs. You fire the Grappling Hook and the rope will retract once it hits an object, pulling you towards where the hook latched.

While it does have decent range and accuracy, it cannot be used to attack zombies. It can only be used as a utility tool to quickly leave threatening situations. For this reason, you may want to consider bringing some extra items or a reliable primary weapon.

Background Story

Nobody knew where it came from, but one lucky individual opened a mysterious chest upon the defeat of the gambling machine. It revealed a weapon that helped him a fair bit throughout the post-apocalyptic world.

However, upon his death (which was caused by falling off a large hotel complex), it was taken by his partner to give to L-Brain Sidework. Why not R-Brain Hardwork? Well apparently, this weapon was too weak to be appealing to the market at the time, so their profit margins would be damaged. L-Brain Sidework was chosen as their profits were in free-fall as their only success was the Remington 700.

L-Brain Sidework immediately took this opportunity to take back its market share in the low-tier weapon business. Through this, the dead survivor's legacy lived on and we got a weapon that works. About 70% of the time.


  • Don't try to use this as a lethal weapon. Treat this as a ranged Karambit.
    • You are not immune to fall damage while using this. As insurance, you can bring the Cakepack or Jetpack to prevent fall damage.
    • The Duck Mount can also be used, though you need to quickly unlatch the Grappling Hook and deploy your mount.
    • Same thing also works with the Parasol, but you still have to pull it out before you hit the ground.
  • Remember that you are not invincible while using this. It also has a short delay before actually retracting, so use this when you know that you won't be hit by any zombies, or the situation demands it.
    • Be aware that you cannot defend yourself during the retracting process.
  • Keep in mind that taking damage while using the Grappling Hook will make the grappling line disappear.
  • Keep in mind that this weapon has a firing arc, so aim above where you're planning to hit.
  • You can use the Grappling Hook to climb high buildings in maps like Peach N' Spills Resort, New Bloxcoast II and Tokyo, Japan.
    • While this can be used to travel over mild or flat terrain, it isn't recommended, as sprinting is a faster alternative.
  • You can use this with the Karambit to latch onto a wall, then climb it.
    • However, you can only use this via the Double Equip system, and you will be left without a ranged weapon. This method is only useful in Quest and possibly Rapid Infection, so long you are fine with being defenceless.
  • This has very limited ammunition and you need to reload every time you want to latch onto something.
    • If you want to gain extra ammo, bring armors that grant extra magazines, like the Bulldozer II.
  • If you want to quickly abandon the retracting process, simply jump or select another weapon/item.
  • The Grappling Hook can latch onto non-collidable and moving objects.
    • However, for moving objects, the latch will not move as the object moves, leaving the latch in mid-air.
  • If you reach an area with no Ammo Stations, and you have run out of ammunition for the Grappling Hook, simply buy an Extra Ammo box in the In-Game Store.
  • The Flakvest is recommended alongside this weapon, as it will grant you three extra hooks.


  • Mobility
  • Quick Reload
  • High Reserve Ammo


  • No Damage
  • Firing Arc
  • No Attachments
  • Single Shot


  • First weapon with no damage.
  • First event weapon to give ranged mobility.
  • The Grappling Hook has a radius statistic, even though it isn't an explosive weapon, so it doesn't affect anything.
    • However, this statistic allows the Grappling Hook to gain three extra hooks from the Flakvest.
  • The Grappling Hook model is based on Batman's grappling gun.